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Getting faded and getting sick

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ogre07, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Do any of you guys ever get sick (or have trouble recovering from sickness) when you're getting high a lot?
  2. Nope. I'm high right now and I feel great :smoking:
  3. never happened to me
  4. nah, but when I first started out I would sometimes accidently swallow smoke and feel sick
  5. lmfao my 3rd time I swallowed smoke and puked

  6. this n1g6a right here swallowd smoke lol
  7. yeah i threw up to lol, but that was years ago. i try to avoid that now.
  8. The only time marijuana makes me sick is if I've had too much alcohol and I get the spins.
  9. not from getting high but..since I smoke cigs it takes me a minute to get over being sick..

    and I've been sick for like a week now it sucks :(
  10. hmm. what does that mean ?
  11. It means when you're trying to hold a big hit (or simply one you can't or weren't prepared to handle), and you cough/choke a little bit, you can sometimes have an involuntary reflex to swallow while holding/choking back smoke.

    Obviously when you swallow smoke, it goes into your digestive tract instead of your lungs, and usually prompts your stomach to respond with "uh, no thanks", and you puke it back up, along with whatever was in your stomach at the time.

    After a mind-bending session of eating half the fridge in a munchie-zombie state, puking could get really ugly. :eek:
  12. Just wondering because i had a few hits last night and now i cant cough, i have a sore throat and when i sneeze my arms get sore.
  13. Might have smoked adulterated cannabis, all effects you described are what I have experienced after smoking sprayed weed, it's most common over here in the UK.

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