Getting Ditched by Friends

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  1. It's so damn annoying getting ditched by a friend when you've made plans the day before. That's exactly what happened today. I was at a friends place yesterday and I asked him if he wanted to join another friend of mine to toke up today and he said yeah, but I can't get a hold of him at all today. I've tried calling him like four times and sent him three text messages, but he doesn't reply. If I knew he wasn't going to join yesterday I wouldn't be sitting here now... Like, fucking say you've changed your plans or something came up so I knew that when we were supposed to meet up, nah mean? So instead of trying to get a fucking hold of you I could be at another friend's place and toke up instead if sitting home and being bored.

    To me this a proper thread, have this happened to you? If so, how often?
  2. Someone who would ditch you isn't worth your time. Learned it the hard way D:

  3. Make that five phone calls and four messages. I just sent him a message saying "What the hell, man? You're just gonna ditch me? Not cool." But in Norwegian. Shit like this really gets to me... And he is the best friend I got around here, so I don't wanna just ditch him back, nah mean?
  4. Find a better friend.

    Or just cut off all amicable relations and live as a hermit in a cave.

    Take your pick :)
  5. Well considering you called him that many times and texted him that many times, he can't expect you to wait up. It's his fault for not answering. I woulda made 2 calls and one text then waited 5 mins and if I didn't get anything by then I woulda just left. Don't hold yourself back because of others man! :smoke:
  6. Are you using him for a ride

  7. That's not the problem. The problem is that I like making plans and not just calling up some random friend and ask if I can come over because I honestly don't like it when people do that towards me. And my friend said he would join, but we didn't have a set time, but now time is running short if he suddenly is around again. So if I've made a plan and I end up being ditched I got nothing to do. I'll sit here and be bored instead like I am now.

  8. No, I'm not, but I like making plans instead of just showing up at people's places, so since he ditched me I don't got shit to do.
  9. Lol bro. Get a hot girl fiend, and say fck ur friends. If they have nothing to offer, fuck em. Lol they just holding u back...

  10. You gotta be stoned out your mind.

    Am I right?


    Friends are more important than pussy. Bros before hoes. Hear of that? Those are wise ghetto words that are being used by wiggas like my self too much.
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    Lol man I'm always high. But f bros befor hos. If a chick is in love with u, it's way better then a friend, she's can hang out like a friend the when it's late and tiered and stoned u can bone her. And a hot chick is better to look at. And a chic who loves u and makes better money the u benefits u, while ur friends will much off of u. Lol trust bro. Go to work, scho, and get a hot chick. All u need in life plus a few plants under 3000 watts.
  12. You gotta learn that people in this world are only looking out for #1.

  13. This is so true. If you have a cool girlfriend she can be your best friend, it is always fun to chill with the bros and stuff but if their being gay and ignoring you and doing shit like that well I'd say fuck it. Bros are chill but their not needed all the time, sex is like air, you only notice when your not gettin any.

    Wait sorry I meant having a girlfriend is better than bros sometimes. Better feelings.

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