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Getting connected in WA?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by joewitafro, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I just received my authorization this morning from THCF and they gave me a resource list to call around trying to find a grower. Just so happens that every 360 area code is disconnected or straight to voice mail.

    Besides growing for yourself, or getting the rod by dispensaries with ridiculous prices, is there ANY where to go and meet legitimate growers trying to help out patients?

    I find myself even unsure of posting on this forum because there isn't exactly a Washington section. It's disappointing as of yet because it feels like even though I have my medical authorization, I have to resort to dealing with people who are only looking for money. AKA, "recommended donation" my ass. its called 50 1/8th for the stuff they just ripped off a grower to buy. :(:confused:
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    Congrats on the card!:hello: patient, you'll get to know whom and where soon enough from what I hear...
    support groups, compassion groups, mmj groups should be around...ask around visitors in those dispensaries about growers groups, maybe start one..(can't ask for connections or hook-ups on gc, not sure if that was your intent)

    just be sure you know the rules of where you will have your meds, and how to travel with mmj (local and state, even in other states...thread in the stickies on that)

    Ask the local LEO about any legal worries, they will tell you how to stay out of trouble...serious, they have better things to do then lie too a legal mmj patient that wants to be within the law... ;)
  3. Thanks, I'm not sure what you mean about your second sentence but I have been researching the newest laws.

    Hopefully it all works out soon
  4. since i cant post links to other forums, i will pm with a site that is full of growers and other wa mmj patients in washington!
  5. not all dispensaries have horrible prices. try The Green Door or SMMA.
  6. Join a co-op grow if you can find one. 10 patient collective with up to 45 plants.

    there should be lots of growers looking for collective members currently since the law is fresh.

    most seem to me 150-230 a zip once ur a member

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