Getting close to harvest.. OG kush and rocklock

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  1. About a week away from harvest.. Started flushing today. Figured ide start a journal. Harvesting 5 og kush and 5 rocklock.. Hoping to end up with atleast 8 zips. These pics were taken after their haircut ;)

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  2. They look AMAZING! When did you start growing them?
  3. Uhm well i vegged em for about a month and there on week 7 of flowering so about 11 weeks old all together.. Wish i grew from clones though because some are doing great and others are pretty tiny...
  4. Did you pull a clone for yourself? Is it a Endless grow?

    Eitherway, I'd be happy with just a half of some OG Kush. Can't say I've heard of Rocklock, but chances are I would not pass it down. ;)
  5. Roxklock is a VERY overlooked strain.. Its indica but tends to give you a good head high. Produces rock crystal covered buds and lots of orange and red hairs. I didnt pull any clones because i just fail at cloning.. Im getting am EZ cloner in a couple weeks so hopefully my luck changes.
    The grow is perpetual, i currently have 2 grape god, 1.tnt kush and 1 venenon in the tent right snow starting to flower and 5 cataract kush and 5 confidential cheese in the veg tent that will be moved over
    Once i harvest... And for that grow im going to be running CO2 so hopefully things will turn out a little better ;)
  6. Hmm, why would I use a winky face?

    Must ponder this ...


    Anyway, I challenge you to cross the hindu with the cheese.
  7. Haha there all feminized :/
  8. Sub'd, ooh pretty :)
  9. U guys think i can get 8 zips off the 10 plants?
  10. Shit.. I better... That would only be like .24 GPW

  11. yea little less then a zip each plant, you should be right around your goal give or take a few grams. Those buds are looking very nice I'm envious man. :devious:
  12. Have any of you heard of spiking the base of the plant with a large tooth pick to increase the level of Thc in the plant. Does this actually work?
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    Fuck that
  14. Haha ive heard a lot of stuff to supposivley increase thc. Does it all work? Hell no haha

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