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    So im still living with my parents.
    After work the other night i smoked a blunt in my car and then went into my house and started to cook some food. my mom walks over and says is something burning?
    im like no..?
    then she starts sniffing and says it smells like pot!
    im like shiiiiiiit! lol i've never been caught before.

    by now the high is starting to hit me and i just start laughing and say no i dont smoke.
    she calls my dad over and he starts laughing with me and tells me some really funny stories of him. my mom was getting pissed at him.

    he used to be a hippie. he was saying all this funny ass shit to me.
    it was great.

    so my parents just gave me a little speech and they are kind of cool with it. :smoking:
  2. lol............ i remember getting busted by the folks for the first time , it was ok in the end , i managed to get my dad to confess to trying weed and acid when he was younger which shocked my mother and put him more in the shitt than i was tee hee :D and i know he regrets telling me that coz everytime he used to try to lecture me on drugs n stuff , he knew i knew he was a total hypocrypt (sp?) (which i never failed to remind him ).
  3. dude when i was young my mom caught me one time, I just got home from smokin at some dudes house and i was pretty high. My moms downstairs and called the house phone saying shes in the car and we should go somewhere to eat. So i go downstairs and i got in the car and i smell like some dank ass bud and she catches me and starts hitting me and shit. We finally get to chik-fil-a and im munchin out like a mutherfucker.

    It was worth it though because I learned a lesson. Dont let people blow smoke at your hair lolz
  4. Great story. I'd actually be curious to know what my parents would think. I was out of the house before I started smoking. Perhaps I'll tell them some day. *ponders*
  5. yeah that night ended up being one of the best high experiences i've ever had.
  6. nice dude congratulations, pretty much the same thing happened with me and my parents and now i blaze in my room all day

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