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Getting caught

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by big18, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Okay. Im staying with my parents (for the short term hopefully) and I'm pretty sure they know. My dad confronted me about it and said I smelled like it. I denied and he said there was another half he won't tell me about and is giving me today to come clean.

    Only thing I can think of is the burnt weed I threw on the lawn chair, and I took care of that right after he told me about it.

    Question is, should I keep denying or come clean? I've been caught before. Thanks in advance blades
  2. What the hell is the point in denying it? Your parents clearly know.
  3. Your pops seems to be hot on your trail guy, if you are comfortable with "coming clean" I guess you should give it a whirl. Would probably just save you and your rents time.

    edit: what weaselking said
  4. I've only been caught once and that was because I told my dad what I felt about it, and all of that, and since then he's been completely fine with it. But your dad may have a different opinion on it
  5. Fess up, its out of the way for good then :smoke:
  6. Be honest they wont get as mad
  7. It was probably your breath that gave it away.
  8. If your honest with them they will probably still be upset but will respect the honesty more than a lie.
  9. you've been caught before. they arent stupid lol they know you are. my parents full well know i still am, im just honest about it and dont smoke at home and dont smell or anything when i come home.
  10. just come clean and have a lot of reasons why weed is beneficial
  11. My two cents, they don't ask if they don't know.

    Anyway in the future, don't smoke in the house, don't smoke on their property. Don't come home high when they're awake. And keep your shit elsewhere if you can.
  12. He knows, you have been caught before. I have been caught plenty of times before I moved out. No sense in denying it.
  13. I've been caught with just my dad telling me that he though I was and I admitted it and he went into a speech about how it's bad and general stuff. I told him I wouldn't anymore and I stopped for a while. Nothing more came of it and I started again a few years later. Now I'm just very paranoid and keep everything in check. I think they probably know a degree of it anyways but just have accepted it because I still have my priorities straight.

    I would say feel it out. They clearly know. You can admit it and apologize or whatever now and get bonus points for being honest. Or if you think you can deny it successfully then do that but keep in mind if by chance they don't have any hard evidence on you yet they'll be watching like a hawk for it.

    Keep in mind that this isn't court where they need actual evidence and enough to persuade an impartial observer. All they really need to punish you and turn your room upside looking for it is a gut instinct.
  14. Fess up and tell them you made a mistake and it won't happen again and just be more careful about airing out and all that
  15. You should get as high as you can look him in the eye and say.... Dad, I don't smoke drugs...OK... Lol
  16. Then when he smiles and says... Son that's fucking hilarious.... Just say... I know right.

    Edit:. Father of 3
  17. Kinda old thread in bringing back, but just thought I'd update. Heres what happened:

    I come home and just chilling on the couch eating a snack, when my dad pulls up. He comes in and tells me to come upstairs, so I kinda have to. Brings me into his room, asks me if I have anything to tell him, I deny it.

    He pulls out a fucking drug test.

    I had no choice. I whipped it out, drained my bladder, and prayed to the THC gods to let it be negative. ( even though I'm atheist lol)

    I failed. Noting I smoked the day before. Oh well, no hiding if now. Time to grow some balls and get some money and gtfo of my parents place

    Thanks again blades
  18. When I was in my 40's I had friends who worried that their kids would find out that they smoked.

    It's normal for your parents to be worried about you. It's also normal for them to be understanding. But if you're leaving burnt weed on the patio furniture, you're probably beeing a little sloppy in other areas as well.

    Don't lie to them... They know what you are up to, and if you lie about it, they're going to think they can't trust you to tell the truth about anything.
  19. dunno why you denied it. he already knew.

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