Getting caught/ Smoking in the dorms

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    I only have 1 experience of getting caught smoking and it scared the shit out of me haha.
    Here we go.
    My friends and I live on campus in the dorms and we rarely smoke in the rooms because of the super sensitive alarms. So instead we walk at night about 5 minutes to the nearest park. There are 5 people total in my group of friends 3 girls and 2 guys. Out of my friends I am the biggest stoner and I got them all to try smoking (they all love it now) So we get to the park and it was rainy and cold as hell outside (in NY and it was April). We gathered in a huddle and sparked up a blunt. After we finished the first blunt, we lit up the other one that we had. About half way through the 2nd blunt I looked up for the first time in about 10 minutes and saw a NY State police Charger with its headlights off just sitting there about 50-100feet away from me. I almost shit my pants. While looking at the car I said "Guys...don't freak out but there is a cop car directly behind you." Then I immediately walked away. I walk really fast so by the time my friends reacted I was already super far from them. The cop saw us walk away and pulled out of the park and started driving towards the other side to stop us. But since our school was so close we went into the woods, ditched the rest of the blunt, and walked back to school. I still have no idea how we didn't hear that car pull up those fuckers are silent. Long story short. We now only smoke in the bathroom in our rooms (every room in the dorms have their own private bathroom) and don't leave until all of the smoke went through the vent.

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