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Discussion in 'General' started by 2Packed, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Well I have been into hip-hop now for like 4-5 years, and now I have just started getting bored with it...50 cent this...g-unit that...eminem blah blah etc...

    I think one of the reasons is because it has now become main stream, I liked it when people were like "wtf you like rap?" now it's just too damn popular. Another reason is all of this "slapping hoes, killing *****s and doing cocaine is cool attiutude" that goes with rap.

    It's just not cool.

    I am really starting to open my mind to other types of music, a lot of old music is cool (which I hadn't noticed before) and a lot of rock is good.

    Anyway, I posted this in the general forum because I would really like to discuss it with all of the users of this forum, the music forum just aint busy enough! :smoke:
  2. I like some rap, but mainly just the mainstream 50 cent, not because its good rapping. Its just good music, which you cant deny 50 is good at makin music, but theres much better rappers. I do also love KMK.

    I like pretty much everything, espcially rock though. Mostly heavy rock and alt rock. Bands like Soil, Rob Zombie, Disturbed, Saliva, Audioslave, Foo Fighters, Jimmy eat world, etc. I think I have a pretty diverse taste of music since most people are really into one type of music but I like everything besides emo and country and pop.

  3. Yeah, I really don't like emo/goth and I simply can't stand country.

    I think some pop music can be ok though. (James Blunt for example)
  4. Yeah some pop is fine, just music thats fun to listen to really.
  5. Its good that you're transitioning into other types of music for sure. I just have to say, there is so much good hip hop out there right now precisely because of the decline in mainstream hip hop's quality. While mainstream rappers are talking about doing coke, bling bling, getting crunk, and macking ho's, the underground peeps are hard at work writing music with substance, good beats, and rhymes that would make 50 look like a little bitch.

    I dont know how far you've been reaching into the underground world, but if you want any suggestions definitely PM me. Dont let it stop you from exploring other music though. Gotta be cultured :)
  6. I agree, raps been going down hill lately. But sooner or later some new rapper will come along and stir shit up.
  7. Colonel's right...that mainstream shit sucks! I like rap w/ good lyrics (that actually mean something) and good beats. I was listening to deltron in the car. Listen to the songs: mastermind, 3030, and jaw gymnastics.
  8. yea ive been listening to older music just because Ive realized how good it really is

    like Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Grateful Dead

    I like lost of music though, but yea there is a lot of bad music out. im not saying like morally bad but just badly put together and horrible lyrics
  9. I use to be really into all the classic rock/psychadelic blues type music from the 60s and 70s but I realized it just gets so boring and repetetive after a while, probably what your experiencing with rap.

    Now Im into old school punk and emo/screamo, but not the gay emo of today. If you look around you will find some truly awesome emo music from the late 80s/early 90s. Im also now into rap a little but the only stuff I can really listen to a lot is the early 90s NYC scene like wutang and nas.
  10. Yep, its alll about the underground rap.

    And just my opinion... KMK is garbage, the only reason they get any credit is because they smoke.
  11. how about some people with more to say? kanye? wordsworth, mos def, talib kweli? rejuvenation is key brah

    jurassic 5, the roots, 311 (not hip-hop, but recommended none the less)...

    check out the doors....i wish i could just PM you my iTunes library...heh
  12. i was talking to my cousin about how bored i was of rap.

    im going through the same stage as you.

    i dont really like rock, but i do like the sublime/ska sound.

    also i really like R&b oldies, such as the tempations.
  13. I like jazzy 30's music. The type of music that's played in that Mafia game.

    Good ska band is Slightly Stoopid, no doubt. If you're down, need a lifter, listen to them. They're orgasmic to the ear.

    If you want something different, check out Incubus' S.C.I.E.N.C.E. cd. I love it..and it's just sorta off the wall, imho.

    Anyways, I listen to a weird combo of music. If it makes me feel :) then I listen. I was listening to Dolly Parton once even, lol.

    Anyway, just check out music. Scan radio stations. Don't feel like you're obligated to listen to a certain type of music cuz that's what you've listened to a lot.

    And yes, Underground's usually a great way to go.
    And yes yes, KMK are not musical geniuses and I dun like most of their stuff, but I love "Tangerine Skies" cuz it was my trippy smokey song and "Rest of my Life" for obviouse reasons. :)
  14. Way to diss the music forum you wanker!

    *shakes fist*
  15. If you only listen to rap, yea u might get bored, but those artists u mentioned 50 cent, g-unit, eminem.....they're all wank, those guys just make music for the mainstream to get the $, nothing like shyne, lil brother, kanye etc!
  16. i never really got into rap music just because it seemed too cliche and image oriented. but i do listen to eminem and a few other hip hop artists from time to time. i cant stand the murder/cars/money/hoes mantality. atmosphere is cool, andre nickatina is alright there is some mexican hip hop i listened to a few days ago that was prety cool. i prefer rock music.

    o and if you are a member of the library go to the website and you can order cd's and they will come to your local library. than you can just burn a bunch of cd's for free and they have a nice selection too.
  17. fuck the mainstream except for a select few of em, i like to keep it underground for the most part cuz its alot iller
  18. Get into EDM (electronic dance music), look at my sigs, trippy shit.
  19. YEAH! Listen to S.C.I.E.N.C.E.....or better yet, Fungus Amongus, there's originality...gooooooooo INCUBUS
  20. So much music to much time :D

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