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Getting Blazed With Chicks?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by n00dles, May 24, 2013.

  1. Unless im drunk at the same time, i find myself too stoned to be able to hold a conversation. And for some reason every time i smoke for a half hour or so i feel anxiety and my muscles will tense up it looks weird. Thats why i dont blaze with honeys too much and it pisses me off!
  2. never had a problem. 
    some just tend to annoy the shit out of me while they're high, acting all childish.
  3. OP is scared of girls
  4. I love it.  I just don't think about what to say, usually it works out.  If it doesn't (which when I'm faded it sometimes wonte) I still got my favorite girl with me.  So fuck those hoes.
  5. can you talk to 'them' sober
  6. i have issues holding a conversation with anyone i dont know unless i get lucky and find something we have in common real quick.  but it's not exclusive to females
    i agree with this.  however, a lot of the time the same ones will act all childish when they're sober too.
  7. I know that feel bro  :cry:
    I get so awkward when I'm stoned that it's not funny.  I'm a pretty quiet/reserved person anyhow so I just don't know what the fuck to do with myself after I smoke haha.
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    Quoted you for simplicities sake. It may sound a little different, but the message is the same. The solution is easy, simply talk to more girls when you're high.
  9. Just smoke enough to relax, so you can still focus.
  10. my wife would be pissed if i stopped smoking with her.
  11. solution: smoke less, give less of a fuck
    in reality it's a very simple solution, but i get where you're all coming from. a lot of people have this ideology that you've gotta keep smoking and get absolutely high as fuck. well sometimes that puts you out of your comfort zone. and having your comfort zone gives you an advantage. next time you're with a girl just put out the blunt halfway through and relax. "nah, i'm good. high enough". naturally you just get a little bit excited when you're with a female, especially if she's attractive. so it's understandable if getting really high kinda ruins the experience
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    I wouldn't necessarily put the blunt out, but rather pass it to the next person in the row tow. Sharing is caring.
    *assuming it's just you two put the blunt down, you're good
  14. Never bothers me haha. But then again I am not trying to hit on most chicks anyways, I just like being friends with them as I am too buisy for a relationship and I am not really into casual sex for some reason; I respect girls that are strong enough to not put out every chance they get.
    As for you not being able to hold a conversation that is probally because you are smoking with dumb chicks. To me it isn't a gender thing, I just do not like smoking with uneducated people; I like to have intellectual conversations and if somebody is too dumb for one then I generally can't smoke with them for long. It isn't a gender thing at all though.

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