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Getting better Bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TideEye, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Alright, so i usually get bud from my friend, who sometimes deals himself, and other times just calls one of his friends who is a dealer(who i dont really know) and we both pitch for a bag.
    Unfourtunatley, all he can ever get his hands on are some mids, if that. I was just wondering how others have found new dealers, or somehow got danker shit from their dealers, etc. :confused:
  2. I was getting smoked up by a dealer/friend and he pulled out some mids and I said, "woh, we arnt smoking that are we?" cause I had a little dank on me at the time. And then he pulled out the frostiest incredible hulk ive ever seen. So we rolled a blunt and filled it wth northern lights, incredible hulk, a little keif from his last 1/4 grinded. And a bit of hash put in there like a big long snake.

    WOw, highest I ever was, then
  3. might not be applicable where you live but at least around here the cliques people run in tend to say what they toke. I know a lot of the country kids, "juggalo" kinda crowd and broke people smoke regs. Most of the preppy, and hip hop stoner types usually smoke dank.
  4. haha dawg we got that shit opposite from wut the guy above said, usually its us poor people/black/mexicans gee's who smoke shwag or mids, like my dealer specificly call and ask for shwag, then you get to the white bois wit the allowance money to actually be able to buy some good shit, liek for instance most people i know are mexicans, and most dealers i know are mexicans too but the only dank dealers i know are 2 white kids which is 2 of the 3 white dealers i know

    eyy i know sum1 gunna say thats racist or sumthin but fer reel its true
  5. Get out there and make new friends and meet new connects
  6. I have a good connect but he has no dank.
  7. i have connects, its just none of them have dank!
    How to i get some? or am i SOL?

  8. cant agree with the juggalo part, around here my juggalo's get some of the best shit around, compared to the other cliques you mentioned... and as for the preppy / hip hop kids, they are pot retarded (again where im from) and will smoke almost anything and can't tell the difference

  9. o yea sorry i completely forgot the topic... just ask them if they can get dank, it's a 50/50 chance, if all of them say no it's probably because it's dry atm so give it a few days or weeks and ask again. If still no dank, then expand your horizons
  10. Haha alright cool, ill see if that works.

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