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  1. so like say you get banned is that permanent and can you still log on to your account and message mods or is it shut down completely ? 

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  7. I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter and the goal is to just not get banned.  :confused_2: 
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    ya that is the goal. But just in case...
    refer to OPs questions
  9. You shouldn't need a "just in case." It's not hard to play by the rules here. lol On the old system you couldn't log in, you just got a screen saying the duration of the ban, but you can always get at people through Contact Us or by emailing RMJL or something. I have no idea what it's like on the new system and don't plan on finding out. lol
  10. Why not take the plunge and find out?
  11. You won't be able to PM the moderators or anyone else if you're banned. If you want to dispute your ban, use the Contact Us link to contact an administrator. 
  12. well thanks for the suggestions. i dont plan on gettin banned either was just curious 
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  15. If get banned, i'll just get a new IP and start all over again with a new name.
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