Getting Back into Smoking But No Nice Hardware

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Backwoods86, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Well I used to smoke heavy when I was in my teens and recently I have started smoking again but all I have is a simple glass run of the mill dry piece that I see everywhere.

    Back when I was a teen I didn't know about all the awesome highend glass thats out there now. Just looking in the high end glass thread that stuff is amazing and I instantly wanted it alll!!!!!!! lol

    Well I can't afford it all but any ways:

    Since I'm new into things again could use a little guidance i guess.

    I would really like to get myself a nice high quality glass water piece with alot of diffusion and awesome looks. I'm not looking for nothing really big either something under 36" would be nice. Thing is I live in Pennsylvania and well we don't have any head shops here since the laws are more strict then other places so I can't just go to a head shop and buy one.

    SO does anyone know any online places that have high quality stuff that i would be cool with having them ship to PA? I also noticed some of you guys make your own glass and alot of it that I seen is amazing so if anyone could make me a piece that would be cool to.

    Thanks for any info:smoke:
  2. A lot of blowers want ship to pa but your best bet would be to look on something custom check out dwb click the link in my sig to see my dwb.Also check out soulshinefamilyglass.And I know glasstafarian ships to pa.
  3. ah dude i hate to say it but you wont be getting anything in PA i wish that wernt true im born in phily but if your close to state lines drive to like NY,NJ or my home state maryland
  4. You can get glass in pa.Trickpony lives in pa and orders glass online all the time.

  5. How do I get ahold of Dwb? I checked out your glass and that thing is nice as hell thats the kind of detail I would like to get in mine.

  6. I posted how to get in touch with them under your post in the dwb macro showcase thread.

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