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  1. A buddy and me started a website a long time ago in which we use to do flash animations. I'm getting back into it, I just wanted some feedback from you guys. I know it's basic but I haven't used flash in god knows how long

    I know this shows fullscreen, I need to make a display page for it. Some things show up on the bottom of the canvas lol my apologies
  2. DT2 <-- New animation
  3. 123 views & no response, thanks for the feedback guys lol :bongin:
  4. I liked em man, you should keep making them. They remind me off when I was younger and used to go on Newgrounds all the time.
  5. I'm kind of like lol wtf. I'd love to see more though.

  6. haha thanks bro, I'm glad you're enjoying them. yeah my buddy and I have a strange sense of humor

    Hell yeah man, that's when I started using flash. I'm glad you like them, it's pretty cool to try and revive the flash/stick animations
  7. loud scream is loud

  8. too loud?

  9. [​IMG]
  10. Feedback would be greatly appreciated, positive or negative. Let me know what needs improvement to become more appealing
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    you should do stick fights....the animation itself is pretty un-appealing but I can see your going for humor so it works I suppose.

    here is one I did in 2005...damn...has it been 6 years already?


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