Getting Accused of Stealing 30 grams..

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  1. :mad::mad:

    I had 16 missed calls from my buddy when I woke up this morning. I said whats good as always and then he's like "where's my bud"

    I was confused cause i remember weighing out a gram of bud, after giving him the money for it. Putting the lid on it and placing it on the table.

    He was saying that 1 of 3 people could have taken it. These two girls, or me. And that everyone in the house was accusing me because I was the last to touch it. I can understand why they are saying that, but why would I ever steal bud in the first place!?!

    Sent a messsage to one of the girls saying that they were saying I took the bud and maybe she can help clear my name. I'm Pissed cause I didn't steal anything, I didn't have a place to put the jar, plus I wouldn't want all that bud on me anyway.....

    what should i do blades?!?
  2. 30 grams? You sure you didn't take that bro? Lol
  3. If you didn't take it, you didn't take. There's nothing much to do than defend yourself.

  4. I would never steal bud from anyone. and these guys are my close friends, known them for 2 years almost....

  5. If so, I think it's pretty fucked up that they are saying you took it. It was prolly one of those ho's you said were suspect. Those stoner chicks will do anything for weed.....and get away with it. But your homie is a fucked up friend. "Hmmmmm who took my weed" close friend of two years < random bitches.
  6. Your fucked. Guy is probs pussy struck and believe those bitches would never do such a thing.

  7. I wouldn't say that they are random bitch's. They are good friends with them as well. It's just that I was the last one to hold it. Or so they say, IDK what happened to it after I put it on the table. Honestly it probably rolled under the chair or something and they are too high to find it. :rolleyes:

  8. Or the person who accused you took it and isn't ready too giver back..happened to me except with bong. some illiterate mother fucker broke some crackheads bong got scared at me. Now a few of my friends well aren't. o well

  9. guy who says i took it lives there and its his bud
  10. If he's selling it he should weigh it himself.
    If he asked you and you said no and you didn't take it and he still accuses you, he's not really a friend.
    If he does find it or whoever took it let's see if he apologizes to you.
    Good luck
  11. If you didn't take it tell them to shut the fuck up and look through ur house

  12. yeah well the way i see it is he doesn't care

  13. i told em that I didn't have it or any information about where it could have gone. Im going over later after i get some school work done to help them look and clear my name
  14. i would tell them i didnt take any bud and if they dont believe me then maybe they have trust issues. or find some better friends two of my best friends would never accuse me of such a thing because they know they could leave there stash around me leave the room and when they get back it will be the same as when they left the room.

  15. true true

    and thats how i thought it was. I mean it seems that they didn't even consider that the girls might have taken it. All i know is that I have no idea where it is, and I know for a fact that i didn't steal it...

    man people can be so screwed up sometimes
  16. I'm serious bro!! I want my 30 grams back!!! nah jk
    damn that really does suck, idk bro but that's hella chill if u really didnt
    i hate when i leave my bud out cuz i think i can trust people then not only do they take it, but they are so blatant about it, they dont even put the lid back on my jar or nothing, they jus grab it all and go, it sucked

  17. not only did i not steal it, i smoked out his guests when they got there. load of bullshit
  18. Were the girls actually accusing you, or were they playing detective by mentioning the fact that you were the last person to touch it? Big difference.

    If they are simply stating the fact that you were the last one with it, than they are not really accusing you. But to your friend it may be as good as an accusation if he believes they are innocent.

    However, if you are absolutely sure that only 3 people had access to it, and both girls are openly accusing you of theft, then I’d say one of them took it and the other is covering. Has one of them been complaining about money trouble recently? Anything like that?

    You seem to be between a rock and a hard place. I wish you the best, and I hope it turns up.
  19. I would have punched those bitches in the nose jk lol . If he believes women over you then fuck him too
  20. Lol obviously the "innocent" girls took it...... i mean bitches.

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