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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by HBmonster, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I was looking at a few things and I stumbled upon vapes on Amazon and there are the high end ones and then a good hand full of ones that are about $30-$50 and from the reviews appear to be more then efficient.. Has anyone bought one off of there or tried ones similar to them?
  2. More efficient? Doubtful, but worth a shot if you're low on cash.
  3. Speaking generally the decent ones (starting around 100-130) tend to be much more efficient, easier to use, and have a cleaner, usually all glass, airway. The less expensive models tend to have an airway going over hot electronics, which can be bad, and also are prone to breaking, or not functioning well in the first place. Usually people say the more expensive ones are very worth it. Sometimes people are happy with the inexpensive ones though, so if you really want to save money it may be worth a try, but I wouldn't recommend it.
  4. Cheap vapes are generally very dangerous, lots of crappy parts, cheap electronics etc.
    If I were you OP, I would save a bit more money and get something a bit more expensive. The MFLB is only 70£ and will be much better than any of the really cheap vapes.

  5. Could you please post up a few of those reviews that show that the 30 to 50 dollar vapes are more efficient than the "high-end" vapes? I've never seen any review that makes a statement such as this.
  6. Buy a Da Buddha. Enjoy. :)
  7. if you're low on cash but want to try a vap, you can the vaporgenie, that's a beginners vap and works quite well, or invest in a mflb for around 100

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