Getting a puppy, naming her "Indica" ... What your dog's name?

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokeMB, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. What'dya think? We'll call her "Indy" for short! :D

    Who else has dogs, and what are their names? :wave:
  2. my dogs full name is gill grissom


    my parents loved CSI when we got her 6-7 years ago :confused_2:

    Gilli for short
  3. My 3 month old puppys name is May.....because I got her in May
  4. I have a dog named dog and a cat named dog, so whenever people ask me what my cat's name is, I tell them his name is dog, so they ask if my dog's name is cat, and I act like they're idiots and tell them my dogs name is dog.
  5. I have a black lab/boxer puppy mix named Charlie and a uhh.... yellow dog and her name is Sally.
  6. To the OP, "Indica" is a great name! :smoking:

    I'm not a dog owner, but when I settle into my new home in about 2 months, I'm getting a dog and naming him/her Sativa. :cool:
  7. Just got a new chocolate lab/pitbull mix puppy a few weeks ago.

    Named her Zoey.
  8. Iam. Pronounced: (How-EVr-yuwuNT)
    Belgian Malinois
  9. Hahahahaha
  10. Registered name: Saint Lucia
    Call name: Lucifer
    Nickname: Lucy

    Registered name is an inside joke with family and friends because she was a terror when she was a puppy.
    Call name is perfectly accurate. haha
  11. Thats a great name especially if shes lazy and just lounges around I have 2 Dobermans named patron (like the tequila) and chloe

  12. When we met her at the adoption agency, she was very laid back and lovable. Fits her perfect :D
  13. My 2 year old Jack Russell is named Schroeder
  14. When i get my dog his name shall be phife dog the doobie MC
  15. Lol dogs name is quincy, though its really my parents... it just comes to kick it a lot when they arent there.

    Funny story though, my GF's corn snakes name is Indica, Indie for short lol
  16. My dogs name is Hamlet.

    When I got him from the rescue league he was with some brothers and sisters who were all named after Shakespeare characters.

    We thought it was a cool name and left it.
  17. One of my friends named his cat Schrodinger.
  18. Lizzie, Mo, Fleur, Dougal - Springer Spaniels
    Skye, Fen, Isla, Denis, Anna, Fergus - Labradors
    Sandy - English Setter

    And no, i'm not typing out their full KC names, I don't want to be here until Xmas...
  19. my miniature pinscher is named Bella, but her nick name is Evil Nose and thats what we've called her for years

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