getting a pipe

Discussion in 'General' started by known_unknown, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. i'm interested in getting a pipe. i might get something glass or metal and not too small nor big.

    i just wanna know how is that you guys pack a pipe. and roll a joint.
  2. well to pack a pipe you jsut break ur nugs up pretty fine but not to fine to where it falls thru then you just kinda pack it evenly but dont pack it to tight or you wont be able to hit it and to roll a js there are numerous thread and guides on them jsut use the search button man
  3. personally i love a glass pipe, it tastes better, its smoother, and its sick to look at. Ironically im really f*g good at rolling blunts tho and i rarely roll blunts or Js, one benefit of blunts/Js is no evidence, if ur walkin down the street and smoke itll look like a ciggarette from cars ppl are in, pipes are for chill spots, rooms, balconys, or chill spots, that youre 100% sure cops wont come or some a-hole wont call the cops. pipes also get more weed in ur lungs cause theres less room to escape.
  4. you can probably get a cheap $10 pipe at your local headshop. just play around with that and rolling Js until youre familiar with what you like.

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