Getting a mother plant.

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  1. Whats the best route to getting a mother plant?

    Currently i have 12 seeds started and one of them will be my mother plant. My plan was to grow all 12 out to flower and then take a cutting of the best plant during flower and reveg it and make it my mother plant.

    Is this the best option or is there a better way?
  2. Yes there is lol if you take a clone from a flowering plant: 1) you'll have to revert back to veg which takes time 2) you won't even get to taste the bud, just see how it's developing and guess.

    The best method I've seen is take clones of all plants and label them about a week before flower, then flower all of them. Once you harvest, taste the buds and see which one you want. Then keep that one as a mother and flower the rest :)

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  3. Keep the clone you took as a mother, just to clarify

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  4. That is what i thought would be the next option.. I guess youre right in getting the mother plant syarted sooner.
  5. Similar to strain isolation in growing mushrooms. Giving your self as many options as possible so that you can later choose from the best producer/best tasting bud is wise.

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