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Discussion in 'General' started by king roller, Oct 7, 2014.

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  1. Hey guys, lately I've been having a lot of trouble finding a job and online applications seem to be going no where. Im only 20 and Im really just looking for a basic, easy job like a cashier or some shit. So im wondering, what are your guys' best methods for finding employment and how can I get a job as quickly as possible.

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  2. Just be persistent.its a numbers game and eventually something will come up. do both online craigslist .look for warehouses and do in person too
  3. I throw pennies at fuckers and yell "Employ me, ya bastard!"
    A lot more fun than havin' applications denied time after time again. :cool:
  4. Persistence is key. There are so many people who don't truly need you as an employee. Managers want someone who will take initiative and you have to keep at it to prove to these strangers you will work hard for what you want.

    Print off an application there is usually a way and deliver it to the manager in your Sunday's best and always be extremely polite.

  5. Apply in person. 
    Call them back and ask if they've reviewed your application. 
    Just keep bugging the hell outta these people bc the squeaky wheel gets greased first. 
  6. They're always jobs going in kitchens, try walking into a restaurant and ask the manager if they're any KP positions going.
  7. Apply online.  All of my jobs except for one I have applied online.  Apply to as many jobs as you can, as long as you qualify for them.  You'll get an interview eventually.  It's not that hard.  Jobs are everywhere.
  8. Snagajob works. Found two jobs on there when I was younger and that was when employment was in the shitter.
  9. Go into the establishment and talk to the head hanco, the owner, the chief, the big dog. Tell him who you are and what position you wanna apply for.

    Fuck that online application shit, face to face is better and the people at top, know that.

    I just landed a new job at my gym by going to the head guy in the department I wanted to work for. Just talked with him for 5 minutes and said I have it.

    Go out and talk to people, not fill out online applications. Best of luck.
  10. Well let me help you out man. One of my job duties is screening applicants for  recommendation to the manager.
    First things I look for have nothing to do with the application. 1. Be well dressed and clean. No matter what you're applying for you need to make a good first impression. Don't wear a suit if you're applying to be a cashier, but ripped jeans and a t shirt aren't going to do it. 2. Remove any visible piercings and cover any tattoos. Not my rules, but the owner doesn't like them. This is common. Even if the company doesn't care, that can be determined later. 3. Be well spoken and polite. Don't use slang. Be nice to the staff. They do influence. 4. Don't come in looking to apply if it's busy. Come back later. 5. Follow instructions. If you're instructed to fill out the application there, do it. In fact, you should do that even if you're not prompted to. Always have all of your information ready when you go in to fill out an application. 
    When it comes to the application, fill out everything. If you don't, it doesn't look like you put in a whole lot of effort. You can use N/A if you have to (and in some places it's perfectly appropriate), but at the very least, you absolutely must have references of some sort. I won't give an application a second look if there are no references. At this point in your life you should have some sort of professional references. From volunteer work. Maybe you babysat or did yard work for someone? Even teachers are fine for this. Never use a relative, but otherwise, anyone you can, such that you don't leave the space blank. Also, make sure you leave a phone number for them. It's best to have some job history too, even if it's a volunteer position. And if you've got any special skills at all relevant to the position be sure you write it down. Speak a little bit of Spanish? Write it down! Any cash handling experience? Write it down! Any CPR or anything like that? Write it down! Good math skills? Put that down too. You don't want to write nothing if you can help it. 
    And when you go to hand in the application, make an impression. Introduce yourself and shake the takers hand. Maybe say something nice about the company and why you want to work there. If you can get the attention of the assistant manager, or even the manager, and make a good impression you might have an in there. Try and find out who these people are, and try and catch them. And do check up on your app, but again, try to do with when someone higher up is in. And don't ever call to check up. Nothing can be done over the phone and you'll just annoy the staff.
    Good luck bro.
  11. I always found when i'm really in need of a job i'll use Kijiji as it's a canadian site for where I live and lots of job listings. If worse comes to worse i'd like to say I would get off my ass and go hand out resumes the old fashioned way haha ;)
  12. Not to sound harsh but step one get off the internet and go to every place you can.
  13. Everything he just said.
  14. Jobs suck, don't even get one
  15. You don't want to be a cashier at a retail place. Lots of bitchy customers there.
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    Dont do some crappy job if you can help it. Youll get crap pay. Plus being a cashier sucks. You stand amd sit in one place for like 8 hours. I rather do what I do now, and now i have to haul heavy ass boards around. But it gots alright pay. Enough to support me an my other curicular activities.
  17. I'm on the similar train. I have exp with cars and an automotive retail job. I'd consider myself an "AMAZING" retail employee though. My emphasis on the cleanliness, customer service, all in one type of attitude helps. It depends on whats available though, I fill out 20 applications online to get 4 calls back - 3 of which I can't even accept because I dont have tools to do the work lol!
    It tough, christmas is coming though your not gonna have any trouble soon man. It may be seasonal but its better than nothing. Thats what they say though, but ending up on your ass after the season sucks as well. "oh you can keep the job" well not always and sometimes you dont want it after months because of your hours dropping. You know?
  18. Sell some weed?  :ey:
    Nah.. just meet up in person 60% of the time, it works everytime! 
  19. Apply for a job and make sure you follow up, I would follow up 4 or 5 times if you have to & ask for feedback and when they give you negative feedback, be really open and act as if they are doing you a massive feedback even if their feedback is bs, I've managed to get the job anyway because how I responded to the feedback.

    Do as much in person or over the phone as possible, a good cv will only get you so far.

    Good luck dude, be the hungriest dog and you get something no problem.
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