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  1. Ok blades I need some help I've never been good with girls mainly due to shyness this year I've gotten over that but whenever I try to talk to some chick I get the vibe that i'm boring them I did connect with this one but she turned out to be a huge slutbag any tips on finding a decent looking girl
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    You say they give off vibes that you're boring, correct? Then make yourself fun! Try different activities or learn a new hobby. Go skydiving or mountain climbing. Something dangerous but not too dangerous.
    Take a local cooking course. Some girls dig dudes with culinary talents, plus single girls will most likely be taking the course as well. :cool: Join a church. There's some hot single babes that are sexually repressed due to their parents religious beliefs. Also, hotties can be found at school/college.

    I'm in the same boat of brainstorming and testing the waters, so if anyone else has any suggestions I'd like to hear them too.:wave:

    I'd also recommend learning how to tell a story... Like if you get through an awesome adventure recently, try telling it to your friends and family. Watch their response. Make changes as necessary.

    If need be, you could take a course in drama. I'm thinking of doing this myself. :)

    ALSO, I recently got a dog... I walk her everywhere. I get a lot of comments from all sorts of people since I take her to public places for 2 hours every day. I use it as practice, since the majority of people ask the same questions.
  3. Are you 21 or older?
  4. Hire one to be your gf.
  5. I gave up on getting a girlfriend a while ago. I'll settle for a fat chick and then just hire escorts when I'm out of town... Which will be always.
  6. Make the girl laugh, be her confident first before anything else then she'll become more interested.

    Also dress to impress.
  7. Don't think you're boring!
    As soon as you do, she can smell the self-consciousness. It'll practically float off you.
    Instead, just be comfy with girls. Don't think of every one you talk to as THE girl you'll date. Don't even think of dating or attracting them. Just be cool.
    And do NOT think of self-depreciating things about yourself. I don't care if you have a huge zit on your nose, whatever. Just... if you think it, you're going to push that out into a conversation.
  8. Dude in 19 and I literally met the perfect chick a few day ago, we arnt dating yet but I hope so. She smokess and she works just like me. And she is the same age as me. And she's cute as hell and got a huge chest lol
  9. Ask them questions dawg, then you don't need to talk so much
  10. Like others have said, just look out for friends, you'll know when there is a girl digging you for who you are, not every woman is going to want to drop her knickers for you, so just talk to them as you would anyone else.

    Common interests helps a hell of a lot too, I found mine in the circle of people who show dogs, it helps because when there is nothing else to talk about, there is always that as a mutual interest.
  11. Dude just do ur regular activities. Don't try to be someone you're not.

    Eventually you'll meet someone that will find ur "boring" self funny and fun to be around with.

    Not every girl you are going to talk to is going to be interested. You jus need to be able to realize when a girl is actually digging you and when u should back off

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