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Getting A Better High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thecpk, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. So, these last few times I got high and pretty much just say down with music and fell asleep. Fun but now I wanna have a more adventurous one. Does any one recommend anything fun and adventourous to do high. Please don't say music, car ride, hike, eating, tv or video games etc
  2. I've worked out high but just make sure your not to blasted I've ran my fastest 40 yard dash high it puts me into what I call extreme mode it's basically my theory that if I'm high I can push myself faster and I don't care about my lungs or legs and its a rush almost like adrenaline and boosts me seriously works wonders.
  3. Skating on a nice big pipe whilst high is a good buzz. As is longboarding. Snowboarding high is great but obviously not the most accessible sport :) LOL.. I'm lucky to have a indoor slope 30 mins away..... Drinking alcohol, nothing excessive just a 6 pack or somthing, when high will get you into a nice high, like I say, not too much thou.
  4. Anything I can do with no equipment outside. Maybe climb a tree lol
  5. don't say music, tv, cars, video games or eating? uhhh...
  6. Oh man I got so confused the other day. I am always high and very very rarely skate anymore, I smoke with tobacco. So I wake up one morning rip about a gram of green straight and go out to skate. Toke me about 30 minutes to work out why I could not land an Ollie or balance properly.
  7. [quote name='"PurpKilla"']don't say music, tv, cars, video games or eating? uhhh...[/quote]

    Lol was thinking the same thing :smoke:
  8. Go for a canoe ride if you have a lake and a canoe lol. They're always fun when I'm stoned. Bring a blunt out with you and just chill and's the best :smoke: My friend is coming home from college in a few days and we were gonna eat a couple brownies and go to the aquarium or the zoo, which I can't wait for :) Last time I went to the aquarium high, I just sat & watched the jellyfish for a half hour hahaha. Good times good times.

    Anyway, I think it's fun to do pretty much anything involving nature / the outdoors while you're stoned (but that's just me). Hope you find something good to do :)

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