getting $440 to test out a drug

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  1. awhile ago i started a thread about a disease i was diagnosed with. doc gave me meds, didnt work. gave up...well the doc just called me a few days ago and asked if i wanted to be part of a drug study/research thing, for this new pill thats not on the market one has a prescription for it, and me and 599 other people are the first test subjects.

    i get paid for it! fuckin $390 for the 12 weeks i'll be taking it, and $50 for the colonoscopy i'm going to have to take. any other doc visits where they call me i get an additional $50 per visit. but i get at least $440. tis pretty shweet.

    this ever happen to anyone?
  2. I've never been approached with this type of opportunity.

    If I were, no way in hell I'd do it. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but with all the shit they pump into meds these days, I'm surprised you're willing to allow an untested medication used on you for only 440.

    One hell of a gamble for less than 500.
  3. meh id do it. theyve probably tested on animals before so, most likely you'll be fine
  4. fuck that what if you have a bad reaction to it.
  5. Congrats? Hopefully you don't encounter any shitty side effects.
  6. I wouldn't take the risk of unknown side effects, especially for $440 dollars for 3 months.
  7. Colonoscopy was the the deal breaker.
  8. I'd do it...only because every medicine I've ever taken has done ABSOLUTELY nothing besides a couple of them made me tired and hungry...and I've been on a lot of meds. Fuck meds though...never again.

    edit: actually the first 2 meds i ever took (just for anxiety) made me literally psychotic and and put me in the hospital for like 50 days just cuz my parents were retarded but im desperate for money right now so idk
  9. man you ever see the side effects for depression pills?

    Side Effects of Elavil to Report
    There are a number of less common, but more serious side effects with Elavil that you should report to your healthcare provider.
    These include but are not limited to:

    * A heart attack or stroke
    * Changes in heart rhythm (arrhythmia)
    * Fast heart rate (tachycardia) or feelings of a rapidly or forcefully beating heart (palpitations)
    * Seizures
    * Confusion, delusions, or hallucinations
    * Signs of an allergic reaction, including:

    o An unexplained rash
    o Hives
    o Itching
    o Unexplained swelling
    o Wheezing
    o Difficulty breathing or swallowing

    * Any breast changes, including breast enlargement or breast discharge
    * Swelling of the testicles
    * Yellowing of the eyes or skin (jaundice)
    * Suicidal thoughts or behavior (see Amitriptyline and Suicide)
    * Anxiety, agitation, or panic attacks.

    you read right it said swelling of the testicles..

    idk about you man but i like my nuts without swelling as well as all the other shit and that pill IS on the market lol

    tldr: just pray you dont wake up one morning to a missing nut and your asshole talking to you
  10. I would never take some new untested pharmaceutical drug for like 400 bucks.

    Hell, If you offered me $5000 to take Paxil for 3 months, I wouldn't even do that.
  11. yeah, but $440 =]
  12. tell em to bump it up to 1000
  13. i paid $440 for my volcano :)
    but it didnt require me getting anything in my ass...
  14. Tell them to front you the $ so you can buy dank that way if any reactions to the medication occur, you can eat some oil and smoke bowls and you'l be all good. I mean its possible but in reality Id leave it to the guinnea pigs..

  15. i have crohn's. i'm quite used to the procedure. in fact, i'm knocked out for it. the worst part is the day before. the prep. thats hell.
  16. I wonder if $440 will be enough to comfort you when your dick falls off.
  17. i have crohns disease too..keep your head up i struggled for 3 years with it in and out of the hospital and eventually had to have the surgery but ive been fine for a little over a year now

    honestly though im very hesitant about any meds but as someone who knows what the disease is like i cant fault you for wanting some relief..when i was really sick i would have done just about anything to feel healthy again..and besides im sure you already feel like shit a lot of the time so the meds cant make it THAT much worse then it already is

    good luck with the crohns though its a struggle but i hope you find some kind of relief
  18. There are several phase 1 clinical trials that go on throughout the U.S.A at any given time. If you are "drug-free" at the time of testing you out in a physical and don't smoke cigarettes with a lack of allergies. If accepted, be prepared to make 7k+ to sit in a clinic, get free food, and free activities for a month. Money is based on time but there are ones that take 1-2 days and pay in the hundreds. If you experience very bad side affects the doctors on scene will say if it is or isn't safe to continue and you get paid in full if you're forced to leave. Probably off topic but just brought to mind so I can share to the blades.

    Edit: The danger of side-effects aren't much of an issue at least for me.
  19. [quote name='"iSPARK"']Colonoscopy was the the deal breaker.[/quote]
    Yeah really. Fuck that.
  20. Haha dude have fun getting that scope shoved up your ass I'll list the chronicle of my experience for you below:

    1. Horrible liquid invented by the devil himself which you must drink
    2. I drink most of this liquid... ever 20 minutes or so (whatever your directions say)
    3. begin puking because no human can consume this shit without vomitting
    6. You get the idea
    7. Oh nope? your not done. Now you are pissing out of your asshole
    8. At the doctors office now for the scope
    10. 20 minutes before the procedure
    11. LOL 1 LAST TIME - mad mudd butt all over your ass
    12. Called in for the procedure, you lay in a bed type operating deal
    13. You see some tubes hooked up to you and are told to lay on your side
    14. You say fine and worry that they won't fully put you out...

    BAM you awake several hours later in your operating room and discover you have been ripping ass for hours on end.

    Your girlfriend is thoroughly disgusted having listened to you rip ass for several hours and is considering leaving you after this procedure. Nothing wrong is discovered during the scope. You lost you butt virginity to a metal tube.

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