Gettin' in my first q tomorrow

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by k_semler, Jan 24, 2010.

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    It's gonna be AWESOME. And it's only $100 too. :) Yes, it's for sticky-icky. :) I'm gonna get shit faced tomorrow. :)

    EDIT: Normally I just buy 8ths.
  2. Ahhh nostalgia. I remember those days. Then it went to ounces, qp, pounds, multipounds. Now its back down to quarters for me. Oh well :rolleyes:

    Enjoy OP nothing like buying fresh new buds to put in your lungs :hello:
  3. What part of washington you in OP?
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    Bordering the Idaho border. (SE WA)
  5. I bet you'll smoke that sucker in a week.

    Peace. -Leaf :smoking:

  6. So your gonna get drunk? Lol
  7. That too. :)
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    It looks like shwag in the lighting, but it sure as hell isn't. It's as green as the pine trees outside during mid spring. :) Here you go:

    (The Stash)


    (One Bud)


    This shit's so dank, that I can smell it and it's currently 2 ft away from my face. It smells like pine trees combined w/ skunk. I think I'll go put it in my freezer now. :smoking:

    EDIT: This is the first batch that I've gotten in that I've actually been able to smell 2ft away from my nose in a sealed bag, (and I sucked all the air out of it too).

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