Gettin high without drugs

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    So I was listening to a podcast today called phsychonautica off the podcast network and the host mentioned a bunch of ways to trip through sensory deprivation, drum circles, meditation, etc... Has anyone here experienced any of these or heard about it at least?
  2. Yea man i heard strangling yourself is pretty dope. :p
  3. There are many ways to have a holotropic or psychotropic experience without the use of mind altering substances.
  4. yea ive startin to get high in a drum circle b4. i used to take a world drumming class, and man ud get so caught up in the jam, just like the repitition of the patterns, its like an outta body experience as u can hear all the parts see all the parts. Just view everything as a whole. The teacher had some sweet philosophies too all about living in the now, because its the only time we will ever have. I guess its typical Ghanain philos. Idk it was pretty epic. and im ramblin.
  5. Im not talking about like the choking game or any of that kiddy shit. Your a milwaukee native right reggae?

  6. I know I was just joking. I read that fasting makes you feel sorta high if you do it right and those shaolin monks do some pretty crazy shit when they meditate
  7. Definitely sleep deprivation. It can cause hallucinations and psychosis. Try staying up for like a week. But then again, to do that you'd probably need a psychotropic substance, or to be tortured (yes, sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture).

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