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gettin amphetamines out of my system

Discussion in 'General' started by chevyguy2034, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. anybody have any info on how to get amphetamines/meth out of my system within a few days, if i'm gonna be having a piss test on monday, i wanna roll this friday, but if i have to , i'll do it someday this week, so, can i drink lots of water, like with THC, what else can i do/take, thanks a bunch
  2. i know when it'll be out of my system, i get all my drug info from erowid, but what i need is how to fool the piss test

    i'd never fuck around with meth or speed, but i wanna roll on friday and the test will be on monday (rolling is when you do ecstasy), and X can show up as amphetamines or meth on a test

  3. thats because most pills are cut with these arent they?
  4. no, it's because when people refer to ecstasy, they mean the chemical called MDMA, 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, it's an analog of meth, meaning it can show up as meth in your system, that is of course, unless you were sold X that was impure, and didn't have any MDMA in it at all
  5. bump , i need help people
  6. i don't get it, substitute?

    as far as diluting goes, i was just gonna drink a shit load of water, and if they mention anything as far as why it's so diluted, i'll say that i've been taking antibiotics called sulfameth and it says on the label to drink lots of water, which is all true

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