Gettin a new whip

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. A ford ranger is prolly what its gonn be. My homies got one for 1,000. Anyways, I have yet to see it or get the details. I'm wonderin if I should lower it and get some hydrolics. or raise it with big tires.

    Anyone got any ideas?
  2. if its 2 wheel drive then slam that bitch down to the ground.......but 4 wheel drive raise that sum bitch to the clouds
  3. I got one of those right now. No torque :(
  4. i wouldnt put the extra cash in something that only cost a G--save $ for maintence so you can maintain your investment so it lasts--instead of spending on rims for example then have no $ for maintence you may end up with rims and a broken truck
  5. It's 4 wheel drive. It's gonn have torque and everything else. I'm gonn fix this thang up to be a BEAST.
  6. The more you fix it up, the more you can sell it for.
  7. law of diminishing returns -- beyond some point, each additional unit of variable input yields less and less additional output.

    What you say ^ above is true to a certain extent im not tryin to argue tho

    your truck what I say doesnt matter. Window tint -- a must have
  8. put a coo system in that bitch. Makes cruising better. I got 2 12's in my trunk along wit the tweaters and everything else in the car. Also a mp3 player/cd player is good cuz u can put a shit load of songs on it. Im helping my lil bro set his shit up. Our uncle gave em 2 kenwood 12's and were trying to set em up on his ride. Gota decide on a amp. But yea just a high thought from this duke
  9. what year model is it? and what engine?
  10. haha i saw the title of this thread and thought "what the hell does he need a whip for?". why do you call a car a whip? and dont lower a 4x4. i wouldint raise a ranger either. its not big enough, nice ass truck but too small for a lift. i couldint agree more about saving money for maint. maby a nice system too. what year is it?
  11. i think it has to do with whipping around corners
  12. Not sure of the model, year or anything. I havent't seen it yet, but my pops says its pretty nice. So imma check it when I've got time.

    Oh yeah, it's gonn have a wicked system when I get the cash for it :)
  13. dont go by that rule. i have put over 20,000 into my car, and its not worth half of the 16,000 i paid for it in 05.

    cars always depreciate if you modify them. if your repairing it, thats another story.

    and as far as mods go, lift it, get some straight pipes and some new headers, maybe even get a custom exhaust done, and get them to make you side exiting exhausts, that would be what id do if i had a truck.
  14. Well, mainly I'm fixing it up for me. Not to sell it. I want to make it my own unique ride. BUt I'm prolly gonn ahve to rapair some things, but like I said I've yet to see it.
  15. raise that bitch

  16. fo sho, im not tryin to stear you away from modding it, fuck, i speant 20,000 on my car at least, im not one to talk!

    but definately, thats a great deal for any car, 1000 is cheap. you could probably swap in a nice crate motor if you wanted to shell out the cash for it. you could make a pretty bad ass sleeper truck
  17. Yeah bro, I catch what your sayin. I've gotta bounce. Shower, bank, gas. lol

  18. Slight lift, little bit bigger tire/rim, exhaust, dark tint(5% or lower), and you gotta have some thump. If its an ext cab, 2-12s in a vented box(losing back seat).reg cab-2-10s sealed box.(Alpine/Kicker combo is what I would do, but Im biased)
  19. QFT

    Ive done this with several cars and have taken a beating on all of them.
  20. your car will always be worth less than what you put into it.

    spend that g and all the money youd be throwing into it on something better.. Shit i just spent 4500 on a car and have put another 500 into it the last month on for basic stuff. Take reliable over some dubbed out piece of shit

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