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Get your BHO answers/info HERE

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by DiAmOnD RaStA, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. #1 DiAmOnD RaStA, Oct 29, 2010
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    Thread Under Construction, but still packed with info... READ before you ask questions...

  2. first off good spot for the thread. might want to inform some errl heads that its down here though. i think the list that you have is great to start out with. ide be down to do the tutorial but i dont have that prime of a camera so maybe you should ask dirt or whip it up yourself. im sure we will figure out more to add as the thread builds.

    ill get shit started with some pics:)

    ppp bho

    ppp budder
  3. I've informed people... hopefully someone will bring a good camera with em, because mine isnt that great either lol
  4. cool thread diamond,
    I'll add something as soon a s I can, unfortunately I just started an unwanted t break just to prove a point to my wife...she thinks I'm "addicted" lol

    so I told her I won't smoke shit for 30 days...if I can successfully do it and gain 15 lbs she's gonna buy me whatever I want :D

    I should have my custom down neck oiler by then.
  5. haha nice man! GL to ya!

    I'll try to add something as well, sometime after Halloween I presume.
  6. I've seen something similar done on a similar style forum, grass city being much more popular it would be more productive. I think we all know who the oil heads are here on GC and a communicative effort to document ONLY concentrates that are high quality oils that can be smoked on ti/curves ad dome/nails. Not just BHO, all methods most be explored and detailed processing methods must be noted, it's amazing how such little almost unnoticeable variables can alter oils final outcome. we need a set procedure and guidelines, what to look for, do or write down and take notes while processing our oil, real science for real scientific side by side analysis with serious feedback, all non constructive posts should be deleted. "oooh nice!" "jealous!" etc etc i dunno whatever, having to filter through posts that don't add to progression would be annoying. take it seriously. Ive seen wild things these so cal clubs suppliers do.. the setups... unreal never seen anything like it online. I'm sure you have all to. lets create the definitive high gade oil wiki/dictionary/guide.. whatever.
  7. How about a definitive reclaim tutorial? Maybe with filtration and some other techniques that could help improve reclaim quality.
  8. WOOOHOOOO!!!!

    I'lll do anything for this thread mods!!1

  9. OK... I'm subbed :D

    I've made qwiso, but not BHO.
    What is the difference :confused::eek::confused:
  10. solvent used for qwiso- iso alcohol

    solvent used for bho- butane....(bho= butane honey oil)

  11. Well... thanks for clearing that up :laughing:

    Is that contraption for smoking it or creating it? :confused_2:
  12. haha, it's much purer and better tasting.....ultra potent...smoked differently....and awesome...and used w/ butane vs iso.
  13. BHO walks on QWISO's face. :)
  14. hmmmm just heat your piece up with your torch and let the reclaim run out...
  15. haha "Yay"

    what exactly do you want from us DR? do you want us to post pics? make a post with something actually beneficial to the thread or write it up and pm it to you so you edit it in since there isnt to much space on the first page anymore...
  16. #17 hawkcg, Nov 2, 2010
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    I use the turkey baster method

    --1 stainless steel turkey baster --6.99?
    --unbleached cheesecloth/coffee filters --3.99?
    --Vector/Ikar/Voodoo butane --2.99 for 400mL?
    --rubber band/string/tape/something to hold the filtration on.
    --small pyrex container
    --larger container
    -- some kind of isolation to hold the turkey baster with.
    --razor blades. --3.99 for 5?

    Two bottles/800mL per 7g of weed is what I worked it out to be for some good oil. Expect 15%-25% extraction for dank shake.

    **DO THIS OUTSIDE IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA--AWAY FROM PILOT LIGHTS. Do not worry if you fail to do so... Natural selection

    1) boil water, save for later.
    2) load turkey baster up w/ tree
    3) put filter on a way that it stays
    4) turn upside down and hover over the small pyrex container
    5) use the something to hold the turkey baster with and run butane through tree, it will come out as a yellowish liquid--this is good.
    6)put boiling water in the bigger container and sit the smaller one inside it, make sure the water will not fill into the pyrex dish. But also make sure the water is about an inch above the BHO liquid--to ensure evenly distributed heat.
    7)wait ~5 minutes for the Butane to evaporate

    I've read that leaving small nugs in provides better extraction. I did a test run with two trials: first was 7g of ground up, sifted for kief *shake, and the other was the popcorn nugs, left un-ground.
    Results--practically unnoticeable difference between the two, with the exception of the popcorn nugs still had lots of trichomes, seen by the naked eye, on the nugs.
    Conclusion--grind whatever you're using to maximize extraction.

    *the shake used was from DANK weed, as well came with popcorn nugs.

    Space rocks(my term)-- If you have kief, or sifted your tree for kief, you can now mash your BHO with some kief. This cuts the BHO, however makes it more malleable so you can work it it easily. All you need is about 70%/30% ratio of BHO/Kief and you're good.

    I think the OP wants a collection of data, to create a BHO sticky.
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