Get up and do something good for you, ya stoners!

Discussion in 'General' started by GeoTokeR, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. One day i was sitting at the computer, bored, and i suddently felt like doing push-ups. So i got down and did like 50 of them strait. I then sat back on the computer and thought about how great that actually felt. Then i realized that what i really needed was motivation for me to work out. So this is what i do now...

    Every time i got to smoke some bud (with friends or not) i HAVE to do at 50 push ups or sit ups. It works everytime and i feel fucking great. Now im up to at least 300 push ups a day no sweat. Its really easy once you get used to it. Its like the act of doing something bad to my body (lungs) forces me to do something good for my body. Its like a battle for my physical fitness, and im winning :)

    Just fuckin try it. What harm could it do?
  2. already do it, work out 5-6 days a week, usually sober but doing it high is fun too
  3. Yeah man, thats awesome.

    But what i was talkin about is making it a habbit to do some kind of physical exercise everytime before you blaze.

    Or just for the hell of it. Whatever floats your boat, ya dig?

  4. hows it working for you are the push up helping u gett into better shape
  5. Stretching while high feels amazing, and it's good for you.
  6. great idea man, was thinking of doing this actually + rep!
  7. I try to do my crunches every morning and some AM 1, really helps to calm me down and makes me take deeper breaths.

    Good for you Geo, keep it up!
  8. push ups are good for the beginner working out but you can only build so much muscle from doing push ups. youll see results fast if your outta shape or just starting to work out , but after you got some definition push ups are less effective. i like em for warming up or building up adrenaline....feels good after you do em thats the best part
  9. Verb, it's what you do!

  10. I might do that. Its been raining all morning so I cant take my morning run :( Its been raining for the last week and it doesnt look like its going to let up anytime soon
  11. I jog sometimes, usually at night, I can jog pretty far, like not a mile or anything, but better than what people can do in this town. I actually feel good that I can jog for a good time, especially with smoking a pack a day.
  12. I get my excercise everday by carrying pallets of shingles up a ladder onto the roof.
  13. Yeah man. I once blazed up and felt an urge to clean my room. It felt really rewarding once I finished.

    I'm gonna try that work-out idea. It might help me out since I'm looking to work out more often once I get into college. +rep :hello:
  14. Calisthenics OWN dude. Fuck a gym membership. All I do is run and do calisthenics; and swim when I have time. On a normal day I'll run anywhere from 2-3 miles and do over a hundred crunches, hundred push ups and a few dozen squats and pull ups. When im feeling really motivated I'll throw in a pilates video I got a long time ago and just get stoned, chill out and do some pilates for a half hour. Pilates sounds a bit fruity, I know, but strengthening your core is so much better for you then powerlifting.

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