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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Frae, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Whats up guys? I'm Frae and I guess you could say I'm somewhat of a new toker compared to some of you. I have been puffin' tough for a little over 2 years now and I have just started growing :) To tell you a little about my set-up: I have a 400 watt MH conversion bulb right now with a HPS ballast, it seems to work pretty well. I am currently leading my covert-op in a closet that is inside of a closet (genius, I know). It is about 7'x2'x4' (HxWxD), its pretty small so I have been having kind of hard time keeping it cool but since its winter it isn't too big of a problem yet. Currently I have Big Bud, Super Skunk, Cindy 99, and Grape Skunk, only one of each for now, I'm working on cloning them soon. In the next couple of weeks I am getting some clones of Agent Orange, NYC Diesel, and possibly Sour Diesel. Anyways, I want to start a grow journal here on GrassCity once I start cloning so maybe you guys can help me out. :)
  2. Hey man welcome to GC bro...
    good luck with your grow, you'll get pretty much anything you need to know answered here so stick around...
    p.s. are all your plants female or too young to tell?
  3. Thanks :) They are all female. They are clones from one of my friend's mothers. I also found a seed in one of my sacks last week and its sprouted :D Supposedly its called Tiger Mango. Its about 3" tall right now so I'm hoping its a lady! Oh yeah, and I am growing organically in soil but I am just using MG Organic mix right now, but I think I want to start using Fox Farm brand soil and nutes but I'm still undecided.

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