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Get This Shit!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Glimmer40, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. Ex shows up w/his girfriend on Tues at my door-10AM & woke me up! I was like? What the hell are you doing here? He had a letter from his lawyer to get the rest of his shit from the garage..I'm like, pissed off at 1st then I figured what the hell? I don't want his shit! How trippy was it to stand next to...........let alone talk w/"HER"! I said, look we are all adults - these attorney fees are bleeding me dry! We just have to settle on the doggie, ex wants my sweet Yorkie, Rocky! Ass! & our divorce will be FINAL! & I'LL BE FREE OF HIS LAME ASS! & so now I'm IMing w/him & he tells me now that he hated I carried bud w/me & it was jepordizing his computer career & if I"d get caught I'd go to jail!!!!! FUCKING HYPOCRIT! He'd enjoy w/me at nite!!!!!!! He PARTIED TOO! I"m so glad to be rid of this fuck!
    I've been busy as hell this week.........cross fingers!
  2. Good luck!

    Seriously, no matter what trouble you've been through, he was a complete ass for bringing the current gf with him...that's just low.

    Bleed him for all he's worth :D
  3. whoooa..craziness...hope it gets a lil smoother for you as things go never give up a pooch...

    edit: whoa hemptress beat me by a sec....
  4. good luck on getting that jerk out of your life. I hope you get to keep the doggie, because people like that shouldn't be trusted with small animals.
  5. Sorry for your troubles and good luck on getting rid of the bastard. Any guy who bitches about his wife having her own stash is a complete dumb-ass.

    Calm down on the dog a little bit, and start telling him that the dog doesn't feel good and you need to take him to the vet. When he asks about the dog, tell him that the dog has got some kind of dog cancer and it will cost a couple thousand$ to cure and if he still wants the dog he can have him and hte vet bills. I bet he quits his talk about taking your dog.
  7. I pity a man who doesn't appreciate a woman who can smoke as much as him ;)

    and with the dog, I know how you feel on that one, just keep fightin em n in the end you'll keep it.

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