Get Rid of Deodorant Smell ?

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  1. Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong section,

    i used the tutorial to hollow out the deodorant stick, but it still smells like old spice. I put like a shitload of cinnamon ( i though cinnamon-flavored bud would be chill) . Is this a good choice or should i try something else? lol

    thanks for the help
  2. Are you trying to hide weed from your parents or carry it on an international flight?

    If you are just trying to hide it from your parents you can put it in many things that do not make it smell funny.:)
  3. hiding .
  4. If I was hiding weed from my (long dead) parents, I would probably put it in a weatherproof container (like a babyfood jar) outside somewhere.....

    It will be interesting to see where other Blades hide their stash:)
  5. my buddy hides his in the bottom of his pool . he made some kind of contraption that would make it stay under the water and stick in one spot .
  6. anyone else have an idea ?
  7. If your trying to hide it then don't get rid of the deodorant smell, you want it to smell like deo, not weed or cinnamon, that defeats the purpose of using the deodorant in the first place.
  8. but i dont want the bud to taste/smell like deodorant .
  9. Well if your having to hide it from your parents then you don't have much of a choice do you? or you could just move out of your parents house, then you don't have to worry about hiding it!
  10. I hide mine in a vent. It is so undetectable. Also, stuffed animals work great.
  11. it kinda sounds like you're putting your bud in the deoderant stick w/o putting it in a baggie first...

    if you put the bud in a bag, it wont taste/smell like deoderant.
  12. I googled and found this interesting book, lol, lots of good info.:D

    The construction of secret hiding places
    by Charles Robinson

    Secret Hiding Places

    There are secret containers like beer cans or water bottles, lol, here as well

    Hiding Places for Valuables
  13. thrift stores usually have a ton of cool things to hide shit in that may or may not be air tight.

    This includes grandma sweaters.
  14. I hide my stuff everywhere. Lately I've been experimenting with dry bags and water proof cases. So far I am pleasantly surprised by these cheap little dry bags. ..
  15. try putting some baking soda in it for a few days - it's a great odor absorber. but yeah you may not want to entirely eliminate the deodorant smell. Always put/keep it in a baggie in what ever you do decide to use.
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    Baking soda in bud????
  17. If you have a desktop computer open up that case and shove it in there. I used to do this back at home when I went on vacations with my friends and had to leave my stash with my parents still there. It's so perfect.

  18. No Not In the bud- in the container alone for a few days- then rinse it out again.
    Always keep you bud in plastic in what ever container for an extra layer of protection especially against spillage.

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