Get more from your weed: The Waterfall Gravity Bong

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  1. I made a gravity bong while I was bored, and even made a tutorial of it. Here is a pic:


    I put the tutorial on YouTube, cause for those who are not as experenced will not get it just by reading text on a screen.

    Check out my tutorial I made on how to make this wonderful toking tool:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Tutorial: How to make a Waterfall (Gravity bong)[/ame]
  2. You don't look 18
  3. What a waste. If you can't even clear it, why make the waterfall so big? This is why I'm a fan of sobe bottles.
  4. He barely looks 16.
  5. haha the kid in the video looks really funny. and i would se a smaller bottle cuz nobody wants to hit stale smoke.
  6. last time i made a waterfall the metal bowl got so hot it burt the plastic cap when the water was goin out and got a bunch of fumes from the pastic inside so i didnt breath it in. Sticking to the bong now. waterfalls are fun nonethe less though.
  7. I'm sorry man but I have to ask. While I respect the effort you put in, didn't you think about the hundred other 'how to make a waterfall bong' videos on YouTube? I fail to see why you (or anyone) would bother making a video like this if there are clearly better ones around already.
  8. I know people who are 25 and look like 15 because they used meth all their youth.. if he was a minor he wouldn't be so stupid to upload a vid with his face.. I think, and hope for him:p


  9. too bad this forum is missing the ROLF smilies... I'd use it on this post x100 :D
  10. This is true and it's quite possible he's over 18. I do however think a 16 year old with a hormone addled brain would be more likely to post his face than someone a bit more mature ;)

  11. once again: ROLF x10,000
  12. Possible.. I don't know him in person so.. :D
  13. yeah dude i used to be down wit the g bong but its like the most unhealthy tool to smoke out of lol.and im not down with the home mades anymore.not trying to fuck my body over with any more aluminum of plastic fumes
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    Is he in a wheelchair? I mean, he is, but is it prescription like my specs? That could explain things and topics of discussion.

    FYI: It's good to watch things fully before commenting on them. Hehe I feel like an r-tahd
  15. that was the pussiest fucking hit ive EVER seen from a gravity bong in my life, ive cleared fucking 5 gallon water jug gravity bongs which would dominate that shit. you can hear all the seeds crackling up in that shwag.. mmmm mmmm
  16. sobe bottle is much better. :hello:
    btw you dont look 18 so you realy should delete this post
  17. Sobe Bottle or Paintball Pods are best for waterfalls.
  18. Can't be using white lighters....they're just not good luck come on now
  19. I use 2 liter soda bottles and can usually clear it in one hit. :)

  20. It doesn't fucking matter whether or not he "looks" 18.

    Honestly all you fucking losers need to stop caring so much. If he's not 18 I doubt you'll ever actually find out, so why don't you all just shut the fuck up about it.

    Unless you're a mod and have someway of proving his age, don't say anything.

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