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  1. Hey guys. I read a pretty interesting thread on here about one way to germinate seeds. It involved a Tupperware container and moist paper towels. Anyone know what I'm talking about? If so, can you link me? Thanks.
  2. I just did that yesterday took about 24hrs with some regs. I just out a couple layers of toilet paper thick on the bottom, then twice that on the top, closed it up, burped it and left it on my computer moniter.
  3. things a lil bit more specific..... best way known to me.... soak seeds for 12 hours in warm water.... after 12 hours place the seeds inbetween multiple layers of wet paper towell .... put the paper towells in between two dinner plates..( make sure there hard not the cheap plastic ones....) put them together like a sandwhich almost .....

    plate /====\
    paper towells -----
    seeds oooo
    papertowlles -------
    plate \====/

    lol if that makes any sense it will look like that kinda... cept a lot closer together... leave the seeds untill you see lil white growth coming out of the tip, than plant read up on that cuz i dont have enough room/time to write up about the whole growth cycle of a plant... ***REMEMBER to keep your cloth semi moist the whole time you have your seeds in there... dont let it dry up.... peace out sam.
  4. Thanks guys. I did that, and 3 of them have already started with the white tips coming out of them. One of them has a huge white thing coming out of it. I was very impressed! Planted the 3 with the white tip down, in a combanation of rich black soil and a bit of peat moss.

    Praying for all females, and that they grow. I'll keep everyone updated on my first grow. :)
  5. should have planted tip up another longer tip called the tap stem will shoot downwards also make sure you have 4 inces of clearance for it to shoot downwards this increases the chances of female sex plants
  6. Everything I've read tells me to plant the white growth down, because it's the tap root.

  7. HIGH All, if the seeds are already germed and there is a taproot sticking out...put the root down.

    I think brian8472 was maybe referring to a seed just planted in soil...if put the pointy end up, and the roof will grow out, up, then over and down.. and push the shell upward.

    The seeder will right it self no matter how you put the in (gravity)'ll just take longer to break the soil.
  8. Thanks for clearing things up. It's only been a few days, and I already have a 1 inch sprout! I hope it's a girl. The sprout is nice and healthy looking. I put it under a sorta weak light (Only 65 watts and 120 volts). But I hope to get a stronger light tommorrow. It's still a very bright light, though.

    Wish me luck on my 1st grow! :D

  9. You're using fluoro's right? Incadescent is useless, it doesn't give off a proper spectrum for plant growth. If you aren't using fluoros make sure you get HID lights (High Intensity Discharge). Choose High Pressure Sodium for all around, or Metal Halide for vegitative growth. I am not sure if you know this already, but maybe someone who doesn't will read it :).
  10. sounds like u got the germinating thing down alright but for future reference a good trick to use is to leave ur paper towels w/seeds in the tupperware container on the back of ur computer monitor or tv. the extra heat will help the seeds germinate.


  11. looks bit like the 2nd post in the thread
  12. lol oops didn't even realize it. that's what i get for being a stoner. hey that's cool that we use the same method though.

  13. maybe next time i should read the whole thing eh?

  14. itss ok lol
  15. best way to germinate seeds is with cotton wool. I had 16 seeds and 14 of them germinated in 18 hours. This is what I did:

    1. Get a plate and cotton wool, soak the cotton wool in water and place on the plate.
    2. get a cup of water and fill the plate up with a bit of for a few days.
    3. Place foil over the plate and place the plate under the bed.

    Worked for me, I think spending most of your time inn te day helps as the matress keeps the room temp perfect and your body heat adds to it. Check when you want not in direct light just to be sure, have fun.
  16. What ever the normal light bulbs that you would use in your house is....that's what I'm using. Is that ok, or should I invest in some HPS lights?
  17. no way "the normal lights u use in ur house" are not ok.

    they won't do anything for plants at all.

    u should definately invest in an hps system. be prepared to spend $100-$200 on it.
  18. Yeah, I was planning on buying an HPS light for this anyway. I'll buy one within a few days. For now it's on my windowsil to get sunlight.

    Thanks for the information.

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