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  1. Hi, I'm a complete beginner in this "business" (well I germinated some seeds in the old days but let them rot during vacation :(). Now I seem to have some problems germinating them. I have White Widow seeds (the ones in the old days were Holland Hope). I use soil from my mother (she is a florist) but the NPK is different then the one suggested here, the ratio is like 12-18-24 orso. We got about 5 different soils and all of them have a ratio with Potassium the highest. If this is the porblem then I will go buy some new soil but to be sure I'll tell my whole set up. So I've put like 3 seeds in a pot with a diametre of like 6 inch. All 1/3-1/2 inch deep. I got a light of 120W on it (to keep the soil warm), and I've put some plastic foil over the pot so the "water" can't escap, it just drops back into the soil. But after a week they wouldn't germinate. Tips and explanations are very welcome! Don't be soft with me ;).

    I also got 3 seperate little cereal pots :) and I've put some wet (not to wet though, not dripping) tissues (cloth) in them and in each pot 3 seeds. I've also put some plastic foil over them to keep the water in (but I've put some tiny wholes in them for Oxigen). I keep them in the shadow (actually in the dark). I hope these will germinate. If I'm doing this wrong aswell please comment. Thx in advance.
  2. turn that light off. you don't want to dry out the soil, and it can stay moist for long enough. just put them somewhere warm and dark... if you have a room that has no A/C or a garage maybe... a drawer there would be good. or just inside of a blanket somewhere. they don't need light immediately, so if they've been sprouted for day or so before you notice it won't be that big of a deal, they'll still be okay. just check them once a day, and once you see them up above the soil then take the wrap off and give them some light.
  3. oh and by the way it's best to have a plain organic soil with young seedlings... no fertilizers in it whatsoever. it can hurt them. they really don't need any fertilizing for about 3 weeks.
  4. They are in my room, the addic, so it's pretty warm there but I can but them in a drawer like you said. About the soil, so my soil isn't good, I should have normal soil? Can I buy that in like a florist store thingy? I guess so right. Thanks for the advice btw :).

  5. i like the olden daze :)
    and i like to germ in papertowels and tupperware like when i was young... but changed a few things up like doin it in the dark with a heating pad under it ...
    i mist a towel with a spray bottle until it's damp NOT dripping wet, put it into a tupperware and make sure the magic beans are all covered with the towel, seal it, put it on a heat pad in the dark ..... WAALAA beans sprout in the next 24-96 hrs so keep an eye on em and when they get that taproot 1/4-1/2 inch long put em in organic soil.
    theres my method .... i get wonderful results this way... good luck & good growing...:wave:
  6. Hehe cool thanks, but what is organic soil. I checked each soil bag we got andon eahc bag it says like 35% organic soil and some other stuff, but the soil is only organic also the nutrients that are added, like NPK. So I should go buy new soil?
    Oh yeah and if I seal the Tubberware how will they get Oxygen?
  7. just plain soil with no fertlizers in it. at walmart they have these 10 pound bags of generic plain potting soil for only 99 cents each. get those if you can.

  8. Will do mate, though I live in Belgium ;) there is a big Gardner Store close to me, I will go check it out tommorow for the soil.
    I only got a 120W light atm, I also built a growbox (offcourse I'm an amateur :p), It's about 20 inch deep, it's a big box. I made a hole for a vent (wich I got) and The whole thing is fixed with some heatholding white "paper" (it's not real paper, it's something that holds heat special for plants), now I only got a light of 120W as I said, I know that won't be enough, should I just go buy me like a 250w (400W is a bit to high I think for the box) or buy another 120W and put 2 lightbulbs in the box. I'm planning to have like 2-3 plants in the box.

  9. heyhow m8 , nice log hope your beans will sprout and grow you some nice WW
    im growing the same seeds got already 5 plants , maybee more to come , i will start my log tomorrow if i have time that is

    peace out bro

    de groeten thuis lol :p
  10. From the seeds I put in the little cereal pot, 2 have already sprouted in 23hours. Both around 2-3mm (dunno in inch:)). It's a bit to late now and I don't have the good soil yet so I will buy it tommorow and plant those to already. Do I have to put light on them already and just keep them in the dark? I'll read up a bit more on the Guides. Comments are welcome.

  11. It's quiet good weather here in Belgium and the lamp I got is appearently a Heat lamp (I got no clue, it just says 120W) so the lamp won't do. I'm going to put them outside then. I'm going to make a box coverered with Plastic foil so the plant gets enough sun, and some little holes to let the wind go in for some ventilation. I just germinated them and will plant them this afternoon, can I put them in the sun immediatly? I germinated with the paper towel way. Please comment :)

  12. yes, as soon as you see the sprout push up out of the soil and straighten itself out, get it some sunlight. :]

  13. Thx you've been quiet some help. Now I went to the best Gardner store close to me (it's really big) and I didn't find any pure organic soil so I took soil to plant Tomatos in. Somewhere (I think on this Forum) I read Cannabis and Tomatos need a bit of the same stuff? Am I right or wrong :)? I will put the germinated seeds in later tonight, and I will keep them in my room (in the dark and in a warm spot) until I see the actual sprout coming out, then I will put them outside. I will water it a bit and put plastic foil over it to keep it wet. And then wait till it's a bit bigger to take the foil off. Am I doing this correct :)? Ain't I a b*** with these noobie questions ;), but as you kno: "better save then sorry". Please comment as fast as possible ;)

  14. Is this the good way? Anybody? It's quiet important since I don't want to ruin it :).

  15. poor friend , no one replies
  16. I've tried to germinate in with towels and foil and stuff.
    I despise of it nothing but trouble here.

    Pretty sure to say its because I'm a noob grower but I seem to have a lot better results just stickin the seed 1 cm deep in flower potting soil and hitting them with the light they need to grow on from day 1.

    Yeah sure some of them will not surface, but thats OK dude, some nice natural selection at work there for you!;)
  17. Im sorry you say it you must be exremely stupid to not be able to germinate I had to get that out of my chest heres what you do take your seeds and place them in lukewarm water for 12 hours then place seeds in between paper towels I like to put my seeds in a dvd case then put them over my T.V wait till taproots are 1/2 an inch long usually 12 to 24 hours then plant them taproot down place plasic wrap over then place ina dark area but remember to water the soil first before that was one of my first newbie mistakes hope this helps buddy and remember never give up
  18. :mad: :mad: You dumb shit! :mad: :mad:

    Only stupid people call other people stupid!!!
    I said I was a n00b grower. That means I lack experience.
    Doesn't mean I'm stupid, nor does it mean I'm ignorant.

    I do understand natural selection because of knowledge, which does not equal experience.
    I do not see the point in growing plants that are not super healthy indoors.
    Its better to have three strong and happy plants then to have 10 mediocre plants.
    Its better to have the weak die quick and the strong survive, for this frees up space*time and other valuable resources.

    This may shock some, but remember, our plants have a very specific goal and purpose unlike humans.
    Man cannot claim to know what the purpose of humanity or another man is, but I sure do know the purpose of my plants.
    So get yourself 30 seeds. Stick em in the ground. Wait a week or two and then keep the best 6 out of maybe 15 that sprout.
    Half of those will be male so you will end up with 3 or so really strong and good looking babes.

    At least when decide to take clones from them, you'll know they die harder then bruce willis!
    Now you know why 'THAT WHICH SURVIVES!' is in my signature!;)

    One last thing now I'm calm and relaxed again, calling people stupid because they had different experience then you is really uncalled for! Nobody should be doing that!

    To be optimistic:hippie: : I will assume you figured all those trips to the void got the best out of me.;)
  19. my bad for calling you stupid but you gotta read more stupid I was stupid like you but thru trial and error I finally got it right just do what I did and you should be right and just to let you know I killed 14 plants in 2 months for my first grow and I finally got it right not really cause there only a week old so I have room to fuckup I never even feed them yet so really im the stupid one or am I:p
  20. I'm staying away from the paper towel method from now on. it's really humid where i live, so I keep having problems with mold in the paper towels. I'm having better luck just soaking them in warm water for 12-18 hours and planting them as they crack and show their taproot. less of risk of hurting the root this way.

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