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  1. what is is better germinating in papertowels or starting seed directly in pots with seed strarting mix,any help appreciated thanks
  2. there are many different ways to germinate, as you probobly know.

    on the batch that is growing right now, i just soaked it in water for 2-3 days, until the tap root started to come out...

    then in the soil, and 2 days later they were already sprouting.
  3. cant anyone answer this shit or what
  4. Heres how i do it:

    First of all i have a grow going. I keep my water in the room so it is same temp. I use this water in a small cup and plop seeds in it. Let soak no more than an hour and then put in dirt. I have always had sprouts in 2 days.
  5. paper towels works best in a dark warm enviroment.
  6. I have tried paper towels, and tried planting directly into compost, keeping them warm and moist in both cases.
    I have yet to discern any difference in the germination rate, or time to germinate.

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