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  1. Help! I can't seem to germinate my seeds. Iv'e been trying with 3 seeds for a week now. I bought them on the internet and they're seedsman skunk No1. I have had them wrapped in wet tissue and in a warm (75 degs F) place but I did put them in a glass of water at one point for a couple of days because I saw someone do that on a growing video. Anyone help? Cheers.

  2. mine still havnt sprouted either....5 are in soil and 1 is in a baggy between a wet napkin...its been 5 days becoming desperate for just one little dam root lol
  3. Put them in a damp paper towel, put damp paper towel in a zip lock baggie (not sealed) and be patient. Hopefully they will root. Sometimes these things take time. A week is starting to be a little long but, don't give up on them. Plant as soon as you see that little tap root coming out of the seed.
  4. Cool as ten. 2 of my 3 seeds have cracked. I'm not sure whether to plant them in compost now or wait unitll they sprout a bit more. What do you think?
  5. As soon as the tap root pops out of the seed plant it. Do not waste time, get it in the dirt immediately.
  6. since my last post on this.....i have had 5 seeds sprout.....and 3 have come at least an inch out of the soil....1 is still a little bent down...and another i gave to my biggest one is like 5 inches tall now with 4 leaves......two of its baby leaves and then 2 new normal ones....they grow fast once they sprouttt..

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