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  1. okay, so how do I germinate? I drop the seeds in a glass of water until they sink to the bottom, then put them in a dark, damp, warm place? Is there anything I can do to help the plants grow larger/have a better yield?

    would miraclegrow potting soil be a good soil to use for growing plants both indoor and outdoor?
  2. what i did i left them in water for 36 or 48 hours i forgot exactly then put them in a small towel and kept it wet i mean damp checked them every so often and in like 24 hours there was a stem thing like 2 cm long coming out of the seed planted it and its doing great

  3. Check the seeds every 12 hours to see if any popped,,carefully plant 1/4in down into medium in small pot,,don't overwater,overfert,be a good mother nature,,and that will help the plants grow larger and have a healthy yield..

    The potting soil can work indoor/outdoor,,but It is suggested if growing outdoor to mix your own organic medium,,,then you can provide nutes the plant will need at the plants discretion.

    have fun..

  4. thanks...but I'm kind of on a tight security level (growing on my own property, the only risk is my parents finding out) so I can't really go out of the way to mix my own stuff for outdoor...I can still just use the miraclegrow, right?
  5. Remember this:


    Any commercial potting mix is just as good as any other for the average grower.

  6. If you can't mix ,,you can't,,,like I said,,that potting soil will work indoor and out...go with it your best with what you have..Like BPP said....It is a weed after all.....

    Be carefull....think security......good luck

  7. let me tell people fucking rock. I love this place

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  9. I used the miracle grow for roses on my plants and it helped them a lot!!!

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