Germination Woes :(

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  1. hey everyone

    ive been buggin out for the past 5 days...
    i ordered 10 seeds from green house seeds costing me almost 100 bucks and i began to germinate one of my super silver haze seeds and the damn thing just isn't goin.

    attached is a picture, the case is cracked but that could be my fault from squeezing it.

    what should i do?
    do i leave it in the paper towels?
    should I go strait for the rockwool?

    helpppppppppppppp :(:(

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  2. Let it sprout. It's already cracked, so we know its alive.

    Off-topic, why would you spend 100 bucks on seeds? That's rediculous.. No strain is worth that much.
  3. oh no... i got 12 seeds 7 different strains

    after insurance and shipping came to 90 something
  4. its the next morning and it looks exactly the same :(
    i feel like the tap root should have come right out over night
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    Having the same problem. Seeds break the shell, just don't seem to want to come all the way out.

    In fact, I've had one of my seeds germinating for nearly a week and a half and it just broke out this morning. So my only advice would be have more patience and give it more time.
  6. From my experience, PATIENCE is the key to growing. Just wait it out a little, all seeds are different therefore have different germinating times. Dont stress :)
  7. im throwing a party when this puppy pops out im so stressed lol

    thanks you guys

  8. Haha, just keep your eyes on the prize!

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