Germination - what went wrong?

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  1. OK I germed 18 fem OG seeds, all popped with a root tip, put them in RootIt cubes:


    Basically what has happened is some of them have grown, but grown only root and are fallen over, basically with the seed still unpopped and leaves yet to come out.

    Only thing that got fucked is that I left them a bit long because I had to go out and the root tips were quite long when I put them in the cubes.

    So then I put the cubes into my soil pots and tried to support the excess root with more soil, waiting to see the results.

    What went wrong?

    Left them in darkish, warm room, were sufficiently watered.

  2. Okay...a few basic questions...

    About how long was the tap root when you put them in the cubes?

    Did you place them in the cubes root down with the top of the seed still about 1/4" below the surface?

    How long has it been since you put them in the cubes?
  3. Yes yes yes. 1/4 inch, some longer because was unable to check as mentioned. I guess they were left too long and I was unable to push them as far down as I normally have would, but I'm still confused as to why this growth has happened. It was 2 days usually they came out leaves and all by then...which is why I dunno whats up.
  4. Mack what were you using for light? I've seen seeded plants shoot up fast and fall over under a weak light......MIW

  5. I've done several grows without puttin seedlings under lights until at least the first true leaves are showing, so they haven't been under lights.

    Is this why they haven't sprouted out, because I didn't give them light?
  6. I always like to have a low wattage cfl (23w) near seedlings so that the moment the sprouting seed shows green, the photosynthetic process begins.

  7. i always start my seeds (tomatoes, peppers, celery, melons, squash, mj) by planting them in the container about 1/4" down, celery just barely under. they are all around the southern window so there is light but seeds don't need light just material that holds moisture but drains well. lots of organic material. nothing to buy, no gadgetry. maybe some saran wrap over the top at first. j
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    I prefer to let the seed pop up through the soil on it's own. I make a small indentation, not a hole, in the soil mix. Drop the seed in and sift some fines over it till its about 1/4" covered or so. Mist with spray bottle till damp and keep warm and moist. Done.

    Edit: They will need light to grow. I keep them under normal veg light cycle.

  9. Yep - same here.

    Seedling mix is 4x organic sphagnum peat moss and 1x worm castings. Water it down and then I put them off to the side in the veg tent (400w HPS running a Philips CMH bulb).


  10. This might be a problem. You shouldn't be pushing anything. If the newly emerging growing tip is damaged/harmed in any way whatsoever, you've pretty much dealt that seedling the death blow.

    As was mentioned by several folks already, the absolute safest way to germinate seeds is to do the presoak and after 18-24 hrs and regardless of whether the seed shell has cracked, lay them on the top of your grow medium, cover it lightly with your medium mix, put it under shelter (dome, baggie, whatever) and put the light on it. The light entering the soil is a signal to the seedling to start growing. Not saying it won't happen without the light but am saying that it is the natural process to occur with the light.

    Be careful with that tiny tip of the emerging root. Any damage/harm/bruising to it and it won't work out well for you or the seedling.

  11. I agree about how fragile the seeds are because I have killed many by suffacation, tampering and drowning before I realized what the correct procedure is like. Absurd considering how much accurate info is around here, but you live and learn.

    I soak my seeds and try and monitor every several hours by moving the surface of the water, if the seed sinks I would take it out and put it in the paper towel or dirt, because water has entered the shell and if it sits submerged for too many hours afterwards it will not sprout

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