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  1. This year will be my first grow and I was wondering what a sure fire way to germinate was. Do I even have to germinate?, or can i just pop the seeds in the soil? Thanks
  2. i just pop them in the soil.......but everyone has diffrent ways they like to germinate........Peace out......Sid

    ps if you plant in soil, make sure you know where the seed is, just incase it germinates and if facing the wrong way in the pot.....
  3. Put them in a glass of water for a day. you get better chances.
  4. i just wet 2 thick peice's of paper towel squees most of the water out but not to much then place the seeds inbetween the paper towel and wait a day or 2 or 3 sometimes 4 lol :) thats how i do it anyway and its always worked for me and plant the seeds with the white thing facing down

  5. Do u stick the paper towels in a zip lock baggy? (thats what i do)
  6. nope i just put the paper towel in between 2 plates
  7. I've never tried any, but I want to start growing some this summer. I was going to just use the wet paper towels and plates, but my friend said wet paper towels inside of a cd case. Sounds like a good idea!! It's sealed and concealed.
  8. what about the temperature of the paper towels because I am trying this right now and after awhile the paper towels get really cold because they are wet. do I need to heat it somehow?

  9. I usually dont even throw a plate on top, just make sure they're at about 25 Celcius... I think that's 70 F maybe?? Put them in a warm room and you should be okay
  10. I found this to work really good. First thing in the morning put your seeds in a glass of warm water.

    Then before you go to bed that night, take your seeds and place them between a pair of wet paper towels on a small plate and place them in a zip lock bag. Then take that bag and set it near your hot water heater or a window ledge with lots of sunlight so the bag will stay really warm.

    I found the warmer the quicker they get growing. I wait until the white root is a mm or two mm long before I plant in moist soil.
  11. isn't a glass of water too wet?

  12. no......Peace out......Sid
  13. HIGH All, a warm jar of water is All we do and in 12 to 24 hrs they usally poke their dinks out. No way of drying up and after germing in no way do I use my fingers to pick up the little ones (I use a straw) you have oils on your hands and it sometimes kills the seed...better safe than sorry right. Once a seed germs in the water and put into (we use) Sunshine mix#4 and if not tampered with should pop out of the mix in the next 24 to 48 hrs.

    Here's some NL#5 seeds gave to us by MJ at Peak seeds. They were still floating on top of the water when they germed...a couple germed around 10 hrs.

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  14. so, u shouldn't pick the seed(s) up with your fingers? isnt it hard to plant em then?


  15. i'd like to know also
  16. you can if you need to, but be very carefull as they'll be very soft, and don't touch the tap root.....hence why unoit, likes to use a straw.......Peace out......Sid
  17. HIGH All, no it's pretty easily done with a straw. Cut it so it looks like a spoon.

    Sure you can use your fingers, tweezers and run the risk of ruining some future girl...I can't take the chance...even losing one seed. I value what we buy and what is giving to us from different seed banks for test growing. We try for a 100% germ rate and 100% survival rate after the seed pops up out of the Sunshine Mix. It All comes down to what you think is best for your experience in planting of the seed. Good Luck and hope every one of yours does you good.
  18. so u cut a straw so its like a spoon, put a hole in ur soil and slide the seed(s) in the hole with the tap-root fasing down.

  19. Man you're complicating the shit way too much. It isn't that hard at all and once you've done it once you're good

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