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  1. Really confused about whether I need specific soil to germinate and later grow my plants.
    Just started growing, using bagseed that's currently in bagged damp paper towl.
    Can I just use the soil thats outside in my backyard, which seems pretty nice and healthy and shit-color looking, to germinate? I plan to just scoop a solid amount of that soil into a plastic cup and plant my sprouts in there.
    I don't understand why this wouldn't work, it seems like many threads I'm reading about germination are really nazi about exact mixes and such.
    And by the way, I'm trying to grow outdoor plants and I don't really care if I get a shitty harvest- just trying to grow out the bagseed plant this year male or female to get some growing experience.

  2. If you don't really care if they grow or not then sure grab some soil out of the back yard. Will it work well, who knows. The reason people get picky about germination and soil choice is for several reasons. Many people here grow using seeds that may range from $5 to $20 each. Its a different story when your talking about tossing cash down the drain. As well, some people strive to do the best job they can and do not share your outlook on growing. For me personally, it isn't worth my time or risk to end up with a low yielding low quality plant just because I tried to skimp on soil. Been there, done that and learned my lesson twice. The only experience crappy soil will give you is to get better soil. Too many problems are similar in appearance, and many new growers end up chasing symptoms that are really issues with compaction or aeration of the soil. A healthy root zone is crucial to good growth.
    That soil will probably have bugs in it.
    Just buy some soil, the amount of weed you could get back is well worth it.
  4. Buy a few rockwool cubes for very cheap and get them going./  Once sprouted, you can drop the whole cube into some better soil (even miracle grow) and you will have a great start on them!
    Germinate baby!

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