Germination/Seedling Stage

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  1. What’s up Grasscity gurus :D:D:D
    Though I wish I could be in this forum under better circumstances, I am back for wisdom from the great threads of GC. I am happy to have started my very first grow! I have posted a couple threads earlier this past month describing some of my setup. But I have just recently started germing two spare beans I had out of seperate packs. I just want to know if my girls will make it this sprout. I am following Mandalas method of germination, and for those who aren’t familiar with their method it is; no pre-germ -just straight seed to soil. Now after a few days and just recently placing both outdoors a day or two ago -one has germinated and slightly sprouted, but I think the seed hull kind of inhibited it’s growth before I removed it, so it is kind of drooped, lightly greenish/ yellow and hasn’t gotten any sprouted leaves yet. And the other has yet to respond to germination. I sprinkled a LITTLE bit of EWC again this morning and again this afternoon, just to give them that extra boost, but to any of you grow gods and weed wizards -What else can I do to make sure they at least sprout and reach there true leaves set?
    Thanks again dudes -hope to hear some of your guys awesome insight! :):)
  2. I do the same seed to soil ! Sometimes takes a few days to sprout just be patient . And the droopy one also had that happen just good humidity and good lighting will suffice:) just let them do there thing !
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  3. I hope so, really excited about these girls and can’t wait to see them grow :):):)
    Just Got some more beans today, hoping I get a good germ rate with these ones!
    Thanks and appreciate the reply bro!
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  4. You may have damaged your sprout taking the seed hull off they will shed it on their own most of the time. I feel like if a sprout cant get out of her shell then it's probably not going to be much of a plant. Of course there are situations when they need our help.
    Starting them is on of my favorite parts, hope for the future etc. etc.
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  5. Of course brotha happy growing!
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  6. Ah, I see. I was just hitting the 5 day mark so I took off the top seed hull since it was blocking the sunlight yesterday morning and the bottom seed hull later that afternoon as well. I think what may have been my issue was that I just didn't put/pack enough of the soil into my pot so they didn’t germinate as fast. But the girl that did sprout already seems to be gaining some color and I see the first set of sprout leaves coming apart. Really hoping she does well this season, supposed to be some KILLER genetics on her :):):)
    Also just popped the new seeds that I got yesterday but this time I added more soil and EWC then last time :thumbsup:
    And I’ll definitely post updates when they are moving along.
    Have a good one dude :biggrin:

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