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  1. Ok, i germinated my seeds in a damp paper towel and a ziplock, each seed had its own paper towel and ziplock baggie. I didnt even look at them for 3 solid days, and they were kept in a hockey bag, where it was pitch black.
    When i opened the paper towels, the sprout out of the seeds were all around an inch, maybe an inch and a half long. They all had also made like "S" shapes, like the were squiggly, is the best way i can put it, lol. I put them with the sprouted root facing downward, about an inch into the soil with the little ball on the top facing upward, some of the seeds had lost their shells already, and had started to root into the paper towel, so i gently pulled them out, i sucessfully got all of them out but one, which i broke a tiny peice of the tip. i put a few tiny drops of purified water in the soil, and the soil is supposed to be made to help seedling growth.
    This is my first attempt at growing, did i let them germinate for too long? Have i made any mistakes that might come back to bight me in the ass? Oh, and they are in small 3 inch wide, 3 inch deep containers, and i plan to transplant after a week, week and a half. Any advice you could give would be great.


    - Vince
  2. well, you didn't have to give each seed individual paper towels and bag, and yeah you probably waited too long. when they start curling they should be in their growing medium already I believe. if you wait to where they start to root into the paper towel then you damage the little micro roots when ripping (even though you might have been careful). they might still be okay though. you'll have to wait a couple days and see if they sprout. oh and next time water the soil before you put the seeds in. also, do you have a ziplock bag or tupper ware container around the cointainers they're in? or... do they have a lid on them? this is for keeping in moisture until they're sprouted
  3. they are planted outdoors, in small pots, i did not cover them with anything actually, and not all of them were rooted into the paper towel, some were just curled, and i could simply pick them up. the soil i used has moisture and nurtients in it to support seedling growth, so i didnt do anything except added small drops of water to the top of the soil. Also, if anyone knows anything i can do that might support the recovery of the roots in the paper towel, please tell me, i'm prolly going to visit the plot tomorrow, and check on their progress. How long would sprouting take?

    - Vince
  4. could be anywhere from 1 day to maybe 4... but you should've sprouted them inside and then moved them after you knew they had sprouted, because that soil might dry out and that will be bad. it's good to keep a bag around whatever you're sprouting thme in (pot, cup, etc.) to keep in the moisture so the water can't evaporate. watering from the top of the soil after it dries out is not good for seeds that haven't sprouted :/
  5. well i just planted these germinated seds like 3 or 4 hours ago, in my area we have slightly chilly nights and mornings, and the soil should still be moiste, at least for a few days. The water i added was like 5 tiny drops, i figured it couldent hurt, but i added it to to relatively moist soil, so i think they might be ok. I'll be sure to post my results tomorrow, worse comes to worse i'll just gave to regerminate new seeds, not a complete loss :)

    - Vince
  6. yup. if you have plenty of bagseed you might as well practice germinating :] I had someoen give me a jewelry box of 200 seeds. it was great. haha. used them to practice and growing some, then ordered some good quality seeds from online. :]
  7. i actually have half of the seds from a bag of good mids, and half off of my friends plant, which was a male, that ended up dying, but the seeds are a hybrid, and a mix of somthing orange and somthing else. But the hurricanes killed it ='( It was flowering, and was about a good 4 1/2 ft. tall. Such a shame. So if the seeds grow properly, i should end up with some fire bud =). I also wanted to know, is it ok to check the status of your seeds, or is letting them out into the light after a day or so a big no-no?

    - Vincent
  8. what do you mean by check their status? you mean digging for them? definitely don't dig for them if they haven't sprouted. and really bright direct sunlight i've heard can be bad for really young seedlings, but I think sometimes they can still manage it. oh I just realized that maybe you meant checking in the paper towel to see how they are. no, that's okay to do just try not to leave them out too long. you should check them really about every 12 hours and remove the ones that are ready to plant and do so, and keep the rest there and also spoon some water on the paper towel if you see that it is drying out, but you shouldn't have a problem with it drying out if u had a bag or container over it.

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