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    I germinated 8 seeds of mid-grade cannabis today using the paper towel method. The problem is I used sink water rather than purified/bottled water because I was faded. Will this affect the plant(s) in any way?
  2. Bring up my post.
  3. nah i dont think so dude i've only used sink water the last 2 times i've germinated seeds. the first time afew never germinated but i think its cause they were really old bagseeds i was just praticing with (some were really dried out, some were cracked). you should be fine.
  4. Build their immunity, get them used to the toxins in our tap water at a early age. :smoke:
  5. That was what I was aiming for. :smoke:
  6. try to leave your tapwater sit for 24 hours. so the clorine can wander off!:D
  7. Since growing some plants I have been surprised at the high ph of my local tap water. Im curious to know what ph level is safe human drinking water. :smoke:

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