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    I'm due to start my grow in February, but first need some assistance with germination.
    I'm growing a Speed Queen from Mandela Seeds, their germination instructions say I can germinate in soil and temps between 22*C and 25*C. To achieve these temps in the UK currently it'll need to be in my grow case. I'm growing in a PC case.
    My question is, should they be in the soil in direct sight of the bulbs, or should they be in the dark?
    If in the dark, should I just cover the top of the pot so they get no light, or should I just shield them, so they get some light?

    I was planning on using Levington multi purpose with added John Innes, I've read good things about the soil. So I shouldn't need to feed for around 4 weeks according to the Mandela Seeds guide.
    I will also be using LST to keep it short and fill the rectangular pot. Once it's covered the pot can I just switch to 12/2 to end vegging and begin flower?

  2. I'm on my first grow but I've had no problem with germinating in soil. Just soak your soil about 48 hrs prior and leave it in the dark so it stays moist. Plant your seed with the light (assuming cfl) about 6 inches (not sure about the metric conversion ) above your pot and let her do her thing. Worked every time for me.

    As far as flowering, if let them veg for a month before the flip. Good luck and happy growing.
  3. Thanks, just the answer I was after. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  4. Light won't hurt, and won't do any good either. Not until they break ground. They need light for photo. No point if they aren't green really. But the bulbs will help keep the soil warm no doubt. It's really a matter of opinion. Personally, I plant them after germ, and let them be til I see the head poking out. That way they can start reaching
  5. hey buddy  - don't get too hung up on germination techniques. Ive tried lots (soaking seeds in water, wet paper towel, straight in soil etc) and they all work.
    personally what I recommend is just putting it straight in your growing medium. whether thats rockwool (hydro) or if your going soil, make up your mix of soil, peat moss & vermiculite. keep it moist, not wet, and that way light won't make a difference. If you do the wet towel way, you gotta keep it out the sun. straight in growing medium = no chance to damage tap root on transplant and no bother with light. 
  6. make sure ur seed in pointed down or ur root will grow up then curve down into the soil
  7. Thanks guys, looking forward to sewing these seeds! Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk

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