germination issues

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  1. 20 years ago...i used to know how to grow....i soaked seeds overnight and the next day the tap root had cracked the shell.....i have recently bought seeds from 2 different places ....the 1st was ble mystic and ak47 x lowryder....both auto fem.....out of 12, only 2 sprouted. they both had only cotyledon for weeks....1 just started putting out leaves...theother has roots a leaves......2nd order of seeds ...white widow fem,and himalayan gold fem., and g13 regular.....2 days and nothing.....they look healthy, dark in color and hard. using paper towels in ziplocks technique.....just panicd and took a few out and put in coco/perlite 50 /50 mix in small freking used to be so

  2. I've done the paper towel thing. Planted in soil, coco, peat pucks, and rockwool. In the end I prefer rapid rooters with a heat mat, thermostat, and 10" dome. Near perfect success with minimal effort and agrivation.

    The blue mystic is just a crappy strain. Out of 5 seeds I only had one that made it to a somewhat decent mature plant. Others have reported similar results with that strain. Nirvana's breeders ( Nirvana doesnt actually grow anything) have not been known for great autos.
  3. some seeds take up to 2 days in a cup of water, you want to keep pushin it till it drops to the floor, leave it for a bit maybe 1 more night then it should be cracked open, then place it in wet paper towels for another night or two until the root tap is a finger nails length, then you place it in your soil/coco or whatever medium you use.
  4. this last go around i let my seeds sit in a shot glass of bloom nutes for awhile and then planted straight into my soil. they popped up healthy and have grown quite well so far.

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