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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SupaShady, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. just yesterday i started a few seeds germinating, but i am trying a method i kind of though of.

    if you know what a jello shot container looks like, I am using two of those. the bottom plastic container has holes poked in it and shredded paper towel in it about half an inch thick. the other plastic container is set up the same way, but with a lid and the seeds resting on the paper towel. the plastic cup with the seeds in it rests on top of the other plastic cup. the whole tower is sitting in a pan of water. i have a light on the setup so that the lid will hold condensation and keep the chamber moist.

    so far, the paper towels are staying wonderfully moist. the only time i have to mess with the setup is when I am adding more water to the pan. I can see the seeds from the top so I know when the husk is split.

    as an amateur, i don't know how light and heat will affect the seeds. the ambient temp in the system is probably around 80 degrees. the light right now is constant, but i can fluctuate that easily.

    let me know what you think about the idea and if it has any shortcomings that i haven't realized.

    G's up, Ho's down.
  2. i love seeing and hearing all the different weird and wonderfull ways of germinating seeds,

    i'm a bit of an old fashioned grower, i just pop them in the soil, and low and behold.......they grow! if it works, that's all that matters..........Peace out.........Sid
  3. a diagram of how the setup is, if my description wasn't good enough

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    just giving it a try, but I am trying to germinate another by using the plastic from a cigar. i put the seed in the plastic, rolled a paper towel and inserted it snugly into the cigar plastic. the paper towel hangs out of the cigar plastic and i have the paper towel resting in the same pan of water.

    this method makes it autonomous, so all you have to do is add water to the pan, but it seems like the paper towel might be a little too wet. I am going to leave the seed how it is in there just to see how it ends up.

    snoochie boochies,
  5. well guys, as my seeds sprout all over the place, i have decided that the cigar and paper towel method works best.

    all of the seeds in the plastic cups have sprouted except for one, but they still seem infantile. the single seed that i put in the cigar plastic has the longest sprout of all of them.

    if you guys want to give it a try, go ahead. its easy and successful too.
  6. best within the system

    ie: the cups were good, but the cigar plastic was best.

    i am not and was not trying to say the best method around.
  7. i am not trying to reform anything here bob, don't sweat it. i am just passing on my experience so that if anyone else wants to use it, they can. if you think its BS, don't do it.

  8. HIGH All, be nice BoB_Beard1 were All here to we tell you your tests are "rubbish"'re called experiments and everyone does it different to see what's better.

  9. HIGH All, mmmmm missed something...what was it your right about?
  10. you are right bob. if/when you germ. again, try it though. it might just surprise you. within 36 hours the husk was split and i had about 5 mm of shoot. the other seeds were about 24 hours behind. (24 hours behind the cigar plastic seed which was added 24 hours after the cup seeds)
  11. HIGH All, ok...I hear you.

    When germing the seeds as you said BoB_Beard1 "light... im not so sure. people say they done need much @ the start". You guys just put them in soil light gets in the it's's why germing them in towels, water or whatever the person decides on doing..they go into a dark warm area.

    Your next "test" SupaShady..put some in the dark and some with a light on...see which ones come up first.

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