Germination Help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by RedTag, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. i started germinating my seed and last night a lil tap root popped through the seed... I left it alone and this morning (few hours ago) i checked again IT WAS THE SAME SIZE! is this normal or did i open the container and lift the napkin too much?
  2. guys i need help is the tap root supposed to grow out or stay like that?
  3. It should be fine i checked mine 2wice a day and they didnt get damaged or nething. i wouldnt wory about it.
  4. but mine isnt growing
  5. y dont u plant anyway, when the root just shows it's germinated and ready. There are no problems with opening napkin, i've done it with thousands and they all worked. Always keep the seeds in a dark area like between plates and in a closet so no moisture can escape, if it drys out then it will stop growing and die, the best environment for seeds is dark and moist with warmth.
  6. nvm it grew i am so happy. and by the way for neone reading this the perfect enviroment for germinating is also perfect for mold so make sure you guys wash everything. A while ago i heard someone say they saw white fibers on there sed and they thought it was the root.... WRONG. its mold so watch out!

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