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  1. Morning folks,

    I am a little confused !! After reading for a few days of threads I decided to put those bag seeds to good use. Here is where I am stumped, Grandpa's sticky is the one I followed for germination. a day later and all 40 are still floating (are they ALL a lost cause) some other threads indicate that you now can switch to wet paper towel method, and still another thread says he uses the paper towel method from the start. I guess my initial question is that can every last seed be bad ?? To me it seems like the odds for that happening are pretty low, then again I am the noobie nube from nubia when it comes to gardening ANYTHING (yes including petunias).

  2. did u leave them in a glass of liek water over night because i heard that if you do that and the seeds sink ther still alive but if they float there dead you can still try and put some between some wet paper towels in a sealed container. :)
  3. BTT for update:

    Food for thought........ At 36 hours only 3 of 40 seeds had sank, potted those for sprouting as specified no big deal. Heres where is gets wierd. I took the remaining floaters from the glass of "Super Thrive" water and switched to the papertowel method in a ziplock container in my attic. Low and behold this morning there were 6 more seeds that had tap roots pertruding. FWIW I guess each method has its merits.

    We are off and rolling, I'll keep everyone updated as to help more noob's as they come along

  4. Mornin!
    From whatI understand, floating is what to typically look for, though you should never assume that what any of them do makes them "bad seeds"
    So you did the right thing, and I wouldnt be surprised if more popped up in the paper towels, Ive seen some stubborn ones take even a looong time to show.
    IMHO the paper towel germination is the best, has always given me the best results as far as getting those suckers to stop being shy and show themselves!

    Good luck with your grows!:smoke:
  5. I get a very damped washcloth put the seeds in that and in a ziplock bag no need 2 keep watering it because the water stays in there. There are over 100000000 germ methods on the net even some with pictures! google it next time or jus go to search in this fourm god
  6. the most effective fool proof way for me is the papertowel in the tupperwaer ......
    never had a problem or questioned if the ones that didnt germ are good or bad .....
    :smoke: :metal:
  7. The seeds that sink to the bottom are definetly your best shot to germinate. However, the ones that are floating are not necessarily dead. They could very well germinate too.

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