Germination complete, few questions

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  1. I've successfully germinated 6 bag seeds. I took 5" plastic party cups and poked about 4 holes (the size of a pen) in the bottom of them. I filled them with normal topsoil, watered (it was pretty muddy) and let them sit for about 15 minutes. I then made a depression about 1" deep with my finger and planted my seeds, taproot down. I covered the cups with saran wrap, but neglected to poke holes in it. I placed these in my attic (a very hot, probably about 80 to 85 degrees, and humid place) and thats where they've been since about 24 hours ago.

    I checked on them just now and the soil is still a tad muddy. Right now its got enough water in it to create "mudballs". I just read to poke holes in the saran wrap, so I poked about 3 pen size holes in each. About how long before I start seeing an actual plant? Do I need to change anything?

  2. Warm and moist are the required conditions for germination. Don´t do anything more.
  3. Alright, thanks. When should I start looking for a plant?
  4. Two to four days is the most common time range
  5. it sounds like your soil holds moisture alottt..
    if it makes mud balls...

    i would suggest going to walmart or some place that carries soil, and buy indoor planting mix. This of course once these ladies are ready for transplant.

    when i germinate i dont poke any holes on the top of the seran wrap, i just open it up once a day to get fresh air in there. I also put a really dim light over the cups. like a shoplight that is far up away from the cup.
    Good luck
  6. The soil I use is called Earthgrow, its just cheapo stuff I found in my garage. I didn't mean that mud balls were being made, I was just trying to describe the consistency. If I were to grab a clump of the soil and squeeze it into a ball, it'd stay in that form.

    Once these plants are ready I'm moving them outdoors. I have all these woods where leaves fall every year and just decompose, so the soil there has gotta be pumped full of nutrients. I still might get fertilizer.
  7. yea you should be fine..
    once those ladies get outdoors they will shoot up.

    do you have any light over the cups right now??
  8. No lights over them now. It isn't really an option indoors, but if need be I could put them outdoors near my deck or some place where they'll get natural light.
  9. No point in putting any light over seeds that have not germinated yet.

    As soon as they are up, give them full sun.

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